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National Elite Showcase Results

The All Star Showcase loaded with 7th & 8th grade talent, just down the hall was dazzling fans in gym 2. Lets Start with the lowest age Division combined grades 4 and 5. Though we don’t rank kids this young we will step out on a limb and say Khalil Luster, Lima stole the show. Pound for pound there was no better talent at the showcase period. He walked away with the divisions Most Outstanding Player award. Luster has the basketball on a string, he never gets flustered and at such a young age is able to throw amazing passes on the money. He not only finds the open man, he puts it where he can score. Other top players from the division were Wilson Suggs, from Eaton. Wilson is lightning quick, he has a competitive swagger, that makes him want that shot, and the ability to back it up. He has a high basketball IQ, Wilson obviously has spent a lot of time in the gym, as this kid matures and he understands how to use his quickness, with his confidence, combined with his skills, he will be a tough kid to shut down. Kainin Turner, Richmond, Indiana, it seemed as though every time I walked in the gym, Kainin was “drainin” a Jumper. He can shoot in a game situation as good as you can imagine for a fourth grader. The three-point line is not too far for him. He as well has great IQ and is able to use his length on defense to get a lot of picks.

Ky Cool, Franklin Monroe, Ky is diffidently cool. He is a physically strong athletic kid that is capable of playing any position on the court. Ky had a great weekend and his potential is off the charts. He can score, lead the break, and go battle inside as well. Justin Triplett, aka “judge“, Northridge, Justin has great ball handling skills. He will attack you going downhill, putting the defense on their heels. He is able to score on the run hit numerous floaters a tough angle layups all weekend long. He spends a lot of time with a basketball and it shows. Lastly, but certainly not least Gabe Goins, Little Miami, Big and Mobile go hand in hand. Gabe has a nose for the ball and the IQ when he gets it to attack. He put the defense on their heels all weekend. He for a big kid will get out and go on a rebound. He plays a lot like Charles Barkley, coast-to-coast player. Gabe at times was by far the best player on the floor in a room full of kids that can flat play. Those kids round out the first team, but the names Gunner Kovach, Preston Hunter, Mason Shrout, Gregory Johnson III, Dalton Delong, Gavin Welch all come to mind when I think about up and coming fourth graders. These kids battled all weekend playing up with fifth graders and played well. Congratulations on a great weekend to all the players.

Most Outstanding Player Khalil Luster, Lima

First Team:

Justin Triplett, Northridge
Wilson Suggs, Eaton
Gabe Goins, Little Miami
Ky Cool, Franklin Monroe
Kainin Turner, Richmond Indiana

Players making the top performers game were:Khalil Luster, Wilson Suggs, Dalton DeLong, Kainin Turner, Ky Cool, Gabe Goins, Elijah Falcone, Gavin Welch, Gunner Kovach, Jake Goubeaux, Justin Triplett, Preston Hunter, Mason Shrout, Gregory Johnson III, Conner Thompson, Luke Eby, Trey Kreitzer

Upper Classmen Shine at Showcase!!! Gameplay begins with 2 Dunks!!!

Wow, the All Star Showcase starts with a bang. Or, should I say thunder? Amari Davis, in the opening game for the junior high division, opens it up with a break away lay up. Amari Davis closes that game with two THUNDEROUS Dunks. In the 8th grade division, he scored really well and was able to elevate on jumpshots above all defenders, and was always the threat to take over at anytime. With a loaded 8th grade showing up to play at the event Amari was the Showcases Most Outstanding player. Games over 40 points this weekend and rebounding proportionately as well. He was a notch above the rest. It is no wonder why Amari’s team at Trotwood, went undefeated this year.

Other 8th grade players of note, Wade Meeks, comes to mind. Wade is a 5’10” left handed guarded with a deceptively quick first step. We have watched Wade play for over a year, and watched very close… He is one of the most under appreciated guards in the state. Wade averaged 31.5 points a game in a summer league last July in the a Dayton/Cincinnati area, we saw him dazzle night after night. This weekend at the showcase, … Wade continued his march. He elevates as good as anyone his size and is maybe the best offensive rebounding guard we have watched in last decade. His jumpshot is nice, but getting to the hole and managing a game is definently Wade’s game. Patient with a high IQ, and a competitive spirit all coaches want.. He is definently a double double threat for Marcus Bixler’s Arcanum squad the next few years.. I did say double double but his upside is triple double potential in his later years of high school.

Payton Jutte, Fort Recovery, one of the latest registrants for the event. He came ready to play. He finishes well around the bucket and has a nice jumper. With numerous 30 point perfomances last season, and a double digit scorer in every game this weekend he is definently on our watch list over next couple years.

Jalen Thomas, Toledo St Johns, wow, this is one big eight grader. At 6’5″ I look up to the young man. We estimate him at 6’7″ maybe 6’8″… Jalen gained momentum all weekend long, closing out as a first team trophy winner. Jalen has huge upside potential and isn’t bad now. In fact, he is a solid finisher around the cup and nice footwork. His highlight of the weekend was a reverse spin away from the defense finishing with the left hand at a hi rate of speed. He had many great plays, but this was one of the best of the weekend by anyone…keep an eye on this kid…

Mason Whiteman, Middletown Madison, we didn’t know a lot about Mason when he arrived but we do now. Mason is a smart player with ability to score and facilitate an offense at any level. He played well, pushing the ball and sneaking through the defense and just being that floor general every coach loves.

Jason Sneed, Eaton, prototype 3 man, with some work has the ability to play any position. Jason is long armed long legged and a very athletic frame. He makes shots, he rebounds well and has off the chart potential with hardwork. We have not seen Jason before this weekend. But, …. we will be watching. Huge potential… He’s a nice player now, but…huge potential with some serious work…

Those kids round out the first team from this weekends event. But it was a loaded 8th grade group.

Class of 2019

1. Amari Davis, Trotwood Madison
2. Wade Meeks, Arcanum
3. Jalen Thomas, Toledo St Johns
4. Payton Jutte, Ft. Recovery
5. Mason Whiteman, Middletown Madison
6. Jason Sneed, Eaton
7. Devynn Sink, Ansonia
8. Jacob Gudorf, Brookville
9. Ian Thomason, Valley View
10. Dante Torres, Centerville Indiana

Other all stars in no particular order: Isaiah Hootman, Arcanum, Brian Stinson, Tri County North, Kendal James, Tipp City Bethel, Noah Walker, Greenville, Cameron Morgan, Preble Shawnee, Jayden Bassler, Twin Valley South, Chandler Napier, Twin Valley South, Sherrod Brooks, Toledo, Brandon Ballard Jr, Toledo.

2020 Class Posts some Big Numbers against 2019 class at the showcase!!

Posted on March 23, 2015

The 7th Graders went head to head with the 8th grade listed above. These first few first teamers along with a couple more held their own and at times were outplaying the upperclassmen.

Co MVP Sammy Anderson, Trotwood Madison,

coming into this showcase he was regarded by many as a premier guard out of the prestigious guard filled history of the Dayton area… Sammy continued to represent that reputation, no disappointments here. Sammy, had several 30 plus point with double digit assist performances. He almost single handedly led his team to the all star game victory. One of the best plays of the whole weekend was when he hit 2 free throws in game two with 30 seconds on the clock to take a 1 point lead. Then Jayden Bassler scores2 free throws to retake the lead. With Four seconds left off a time out Sammy hits a 35 footer in front of scorers table with time expiring to win the game… WOW!!!!. He was one of the best guards at the showcase including 8th graders he played against. Sammy had the best court vision at the event. He has a high value upside to his potential. He is taking this aau season off to train, and we expect to see big things out of him next winter.

Co MVP Victor Young, Muncie Indiana, until this weekend at 9am in an exhibition game between two aau teams Victor had never played the point. Victor at 6’1″ has been a recent addition to the National Elite All Star aau team. His coach has put the ball in his hands and said “you are going to be the floor leader”… All weekend long Victor got more comfortable running the PG position. Battling against Sammy Anderson, Amari Davis, Brian Stinson, Wade Meeks, and the others listed above. By the final 7th grade All star game with just 7th graders, Victor had reached a place of comfortablity…. It is amazing that no one has ever had him in either guard position. But we will be watching this kid. His athleticism has him dunking a volleyball at this point.

Carter Gray, Arcanum, at 6’2″ playing the sg/sf, all we know to say is, PURE SCORER. If MVP was based on scoring only… Carter walks away with it against all grades all players this weekend. With one game of almost 50 points (49) this is unheard of for a 7th grader. He has range to 24-25 feet, and a pure stroke. Was there better athletes at the event? Yes, but he is a good athlete. Was there better player at the event? yes, but his a very good player. Was there a better scorer at the event than Carter Gray? No. Just No. These first 5 kids, but for certain these 3.. The sky is the limit.

Grant Delk, Arcanum, yes another Arcanum kid…. Marcus Bixler and his varsity squad has to be foaming at the mouth with this Jr high squad. Grant at 6’3″ is a rebounding machine. He can and does finish everything around the basket. Defensive rebounds, this guy gets one you better get back on defense. Grant will out let the ball like Kevin Love 65 feet up the floor for a wide open layup. With a 6’7″ former state champion Grandfather, and a mans size frame as a 7th grader… I am not sure, but the genetics and the other kids above from Arcanum,…these guys, barring injury will be a favorite in a few years for multiple trips to Columbus.

Ryan DeLong, Twin Valley South, Don’t step in front of him. This kid gets to the rack. At 6’1″, 195 lbs and great speed and mobility for his size. He gets to the hole well. Ryan has a great understanding of what to do. He passes around the hole out of double teams well. He finishes going to the hole at a hi rate of speed. His ball handling skills and jump shot is coming along and for a kid his size and athleticism with some work, he will be a load in high school and possibly the next level.

Zac Petry, National Trail, 6’0″ great mobility nice touch around the hole, decent ball handling skills, and several 3 point bombs this weekend. Zac Rounds out the first team from the 7th grade. He needs to play faster and that just comes from experience. This kid is a player and has the ability to put his team on his back and take them home.

first team 7th grade 2020

1. Sammy Anderson, Trotwood Madison
2. Victor Young, Muncie Indiana
3. Carter Gray, Arcanum
4. Grant Delk, Arcanum
5. Ryan DeLong, Twin Valley South
6. Zac Petry, National Trail

Other All Stars from 2020

Gabe Crowe, Seton Catholic, Jackson Haynes, Seton Catholic, Cole Petersen, Twin Valley South, Branden Perry, Twin Valley South, Kobe Brown, Richmond, Indiana, Alex Scholl, Mississinawa Valley, Cody Dirksen, Mississinawa Valley.

6th Grade Class Showcases Talent at National Elite Youth Basketball Showcase Guard Play is OFF the CHARTS

When we talk about the class of 2021 around the conversation tables with coaches in the Dayton/Richmond area, guard play is always one of the strong points of this class. Last weekends National Elite Youth Basketball showcase continued to affirm those strong points on guard play. The 6th grade group was led a Janson Kincer, Dixie, Janson has been playing up at least one grade, and sometimes 2 grades for years. His internal motor is big, his foot is always on the throttle. His ball handling skills when going down hill combined with his physical strength makes him a force against anyone his age. Though his half court crossover, behind the back, between the legs moves are all solid in his arsenal of attack. What makes him so physically imposing is his speed and intensity and his attacking, downhill approach to the game. We have watched Janson for years, and he continues to improve yearly. Expect big things from this kid.

Dylan Stinson, Tri County North, there is never any mountain too big or shot too large for him, he want to take it. Dylan has exceptional finishing skills, a very quick first step, and a nice shot. He has played with older brother, Brian mentioned in other notes about 8th grade, that Dylan is becoming a faster more clutch player every year. All that time battling each other in their driveway is paying off.

Wayde Sickels, Winchester, Indiana, I would never have imagined 20 plus years ago setting in the Tiernan Center watching Randolph Southern (lynn, IN) upset State Title Contender Richmond in the sectionals, led by Gabe Sickels who single handedly put his team on his back and upset them, that I would be writing about his son Wayde. Wayde is well on his way to following in his fathers footsteps. He is a true point guard. He handles the ball, doesn’t turn it over. Makes the easy pass, but will fit it thru the tight spots for buckets, and he able to make shots. He has a great skillset for his age. In a room with bigger, stronger, more experienced guards all weekend, he played an amazing tournament. This kid is destined for great things on the basketball floor. From a load of no look passes that constantly kept the defense on their heels, he is able to create space to knockdown the tough shots. We will be anxious to see him at the fall showcase and the rate of improvement he adds to his game this spring.

Royal Sibley, Columbus, Though not a true point guard, and probably used as a forward more often than not, we are going to use the word, Prototype. Royal has the ability to take over a game. He doesn’t realize that all the time, when he figures that out and is able to apply it,…. look out. He is long, he elevates quick and high. His shot is nice, he is able to finish, and can go coast to coast. Potential wise he probably has as much if not more than any of the kids in this 2021 class at the showcase. If we had to compare his style of play coupled with his build it would be a Durant, or may a Scottie Pippen type player/swingman. As this kid hones his skills, and ball handling continues to develop.. Wow.. he will be interesting to watch over the next few years. He is tied in with the King James AAU with his buddy KeShawn Harris, who also had a great weekend. He is a nice guard, he is able to make the tough shots. He can lead a break splitting all 5 defenders going up the floor and get to the rim. Experience will bring his decision making along nicely and these two boys together is going to be a tough duo for any coach. Cant wait to see them this fall at the fall Showcase.

Jamal Alexander, Richmond Indiana, Jamal missed day one due to family death, and for that we are sorry for loss. When he arrived on day 2 he came in ready to play. He is a nice all around player. He plays against solid completion on a regular basis and with his rebounding capability as well as good touch around the bucket he is always a scoring threat. He is certainly athletic enough to lockdown any opponent and his length will create a lot of deflections. A very solid player this weekend. We hope to see him in the fall Showcase both days.

Payton Sparks, Winchester, Indiana, Big, Rebounding Machine. Every time I walked in the gym he was pulling down board after board. I would guess him to be 30 % more on total number of rebounds this past weekend than second place. Yes he is big with a nice touch for his age around the basket, as he continues to play he will be a FORCE. We definently don’t want to overshadow the fact he can put the ball in the hole and likes the contact in the post. He and Wayde together in High School is going to be an amazing one two punch.

Most Outstanding Player: Janson Kincer, Dixie

1st Team:

Wayde Sickels, Winchester, Indiana
Payton Sparks, Winchester, Indiana
Royal Sibley, Columbus
Dylan Stinson, Tri County North
Jamaal Alexander, Richmond Indiana

Other All Star game selections: KeShawn Harris, Neil Williams Jr., Sam Case, Brady Marker, Isaiah McCallop, Kyle Hollingsworth, Caleb Smith, Cameron Harrison, Joey Chimenti, Sam Casper, Jonah Falcone, Xavier Alderton, Andrew Whittaker.


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