Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Buckeye Prep Invitational Day II Recap

Because we were responsible with so many administrative matters on Saturday and had to travel to 7 different facilities around central Ohio, it was extremely difficult to do much scouting.  With that said, a few players still managed to catch our eye.  Blow is a small list of players who deserve mention as top performers on day II.

Top Performers

2017: Craig McGee Jr.-Cincinnati Bulldogs, Trey Crigler-Cincinnati Bulldogs, Grant Smith-Hidden Gems, JJ Cooper-Hidden Gems. 2018: Jerome Hunter-Nova Village, Ross Ryan-Buckeye Prep, Stanley Williams-Nova Village, Garrett Tipton-Buckeye Prep, Cameron Carlisle-Buckeye Prep, Dane Goodwin-Buckeye Prep, Isaiah Speelman-Buckeye Prep & Seth Goodson-Buckeye Prep. 2019: Jaidon Lipscomb-All-Ohio Takeover, Juan Elmore-Ohio Hoopsters, 2020: Sammy Anderson Jr.-MVP Dynasty, Zirion Exon-MVP Dynasty. 2021: Kobe Buford-Ohio Legacy Elite, Kobe Bufkin-MBA, TJ Barnes-MBA, Darryl Peterson-Another Level, Jahdae Walker-Another Level, Dres’ean Roberts-MVP Dynasty, Will Sizer-All-Ohio Red-Reuben Talley Jr.-All-Ohio Red, Jaidon Miller-Ohio Hoopsters, Isaiah May-All-Ohio Red, Trey James-All-Ohio Red, Jaiden Guice, Jalen Sullenger-All-Ohio Finta, Keon Henderson-R.E.A.C.H. Detroit. 2022: Sonny Johnson-Hardwork Basketball, Dior Conners-All-Ohio, Josiah Harris-All-Ohio, Isaiah Wikins-All-Ohio Red, Kyler Vanderjagt-MBA, Nate Houston-Toledo Wildcats & Nareon Grier-Toledo Wildcats. 2023: John Mobley-All-Ohio Red.

Photo Gallery