Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament Schedule Released

Below is a link to this weekend’s schedule.  Coaches should download/copy the document as the coaches’ packet. Sunday’s schedule will be posted at each tournament site.  As always, 95 % of teams will not experience any schedule changes between now and Saturday, however, about 5% may due to last minute cancelations by coaches (you guys are killing me)! It’s extremely important that coaches continue to visit the website for updates as the schedule may change.  The final and official schedule will be posted at each site.  Coaches are responsible for checking for changes.  In addition, we will not make any additional convenience-type changes (i.e, Friday, early, late games, ect)!  The only changes we will make are for clear scheduling errors (i.e., back to back games, missing games, etc). Plan to play your schedule! Please review the entire schedule closely and alert us if you find any errors. If you have multiple teams in your organization, please review the information in every division for omissions or errors.

For those coaches who still owe a balance, you must settle up as soon as possible before your first game. The site manager and staff will expect your payment when you walk in the door, and do not want to have to track you down all weekend!  Also, coaches need to make sure they read and understand the tournament rules.  All rules will be enforced.  Each team must have birth certificates and grade cards on hand in the case of a challenge.  If challenged (for a $200 fee), teams must produce said documents or face possible forfeits!  Coaches are responsible for their own warm-up basketballs.

Now that those matters are out of the way, we are excited about this year’s field and we believe this weekend should prove to be very competitive!  My staff will continue to work hard to ensure your players and parents have an enjoyable experience. Please arrive in the gym with a positive attitude and plenty of patience. As always, we will do our best to respond to phone calls, texts and emails.  Good luck to the teams and players participating in the tournament this weekend and safe travels!

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  1. Rule #9 team can use grade exceptions in this tourmament ?