Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 Buckeye Prep Invitational Final Day Recap

6th Grade Mid-Ohio Pumas-Champions
The final day of the 2015 Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament featured plenty of drama as teams battled out for championships.  All of the championship games were held at Central Crossing High School so we had the opportunity to catch a few of the games. One of the best championship games of the day pitted the 2018 Ohio Hoopsters against Buckeye Prep Goodwin.  In the end, Buckeye Prep would squeak out a 38-40 victory.  Another close one featured the 2019 Ohio Bulldogs against the Mid-Ohio Pumas. Both teams are loaded with individual talent, but the Pumas had a little more in the tank on Sunday, taking the championship 48-45. 

The 4th grade championship involved another dog fight as All-Oho Red would go on to claim the 52-56 victory over MWA Elite. The 3rd grade championship featured a battle of Michigan teams as R.E.A.C.H. Detroit faced off against R.E.A.C.H. Legends Red.  It really wasn’t a contest, as R.E.A.C.H. Detroit cruised to a lopsided win.  Below are the complete tournament results, including MVPs and All-Tournament Teams.  Congratulations to all the champions and runner-ups for making a great run to the final game.

K. Smith, G. Smith, B. Norris, Z. Hummel, J. Pugh, L. Styles, C. Walker & K. Bufkin

Final Results

11th Grade:
Champions: Ohio Hoopsters     Runner-Up: Hidden Gems Orange 2021  Final 4: NW Wildcats & NW Hidden Gems.  MVP: Kevin Smith   All-Tournament Team: Nick Meyer, Andy Breckingridge, Cameron Logwood & Makr Millholland.

10th Grade:
Champions:  Hidden Gems Black     Runner-Up:  Cincinnati Bulldogs.  Final 4: Hidden Gems Orange & Hidden Gems Grey  MVP:  Grant Smith   All-Tournament Team: JJ. Cooper, Kyle Burrier, Craig McGee Jr. & Malcolm Moffett.

9th Grade:
Champions: Buckeye Prep Goodwin   Runner-Up: Ohio Hoopsters  Final 4: Nova Village & NE Ohio Dynasty MVP: Braden Norris   All-Tournament Team:  Ross Ryan, Jake McLoughlin, Juan Elmore & Kaleb Phillips.

8th Grade:
Champions:  Mid-Ohio Pumas   Runner-Up: Ohio Bulldogs Final 4: KY Magic & All-Ohio Takeover  MVP: Zach Hummel    All-Tournament Team: Joey Pickering, Will Hunter, Zach Wilson & Ne’ell Simmons.

7th Grade:
Champions: Mid-Ohio Pumas   Runner-Up: TNBA Elite  Final 4: MVP Dynasty & Team Toledo
MVP: Jack Pugh   All-Tournament Team: Matt Allocco, Chris Mayfield, Dakota Cochren & Marson Robison.

6th Grade:
Champions: Mid-Ohio Pumas    Runner-Up: Buckeye Prep  Final 4: R.E.A.C.H. Detroit & Ohio Hoopsters  MVP: Lorenzo Styles   All-Tournament Team: Casey George, Garner Wallace, Malaki Branham & Patrick Daniels Jr.

5th Grade:
Champions: MBA    Runner-Up: All-Ohio Red   Final 4: King James & Ohio Varsity King James
MVP: Kobe Bufkin   All-Tournament Team: TJ Barnes, Kyler Vanderjagt, Dior Conners & Isiah Wilkins.

4th Grade:
Champions: All-Ohio Red     Runner-Up: MWA Elite   MVP: Dynasty & JSBA MVP: Chase Walker   All-Tournament Team: Carter Reece, Davion Bridges, Trevon Jeffery & Anthony Bernard.

3rd Grade:
Champions: REACH Detroit Doughboys    Runner-Up: R.E.A.C.H. Detroit Legends Red  Final 4: Detroit Elite Express & MVP Dynasty  MVP: Team Award    All-Tournament Team: Darius Acuff Jr. & Xavier.

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  1. Championship game Pumas vs Buckeye Prep was not 48-45...please!!