Friday, December 27, 2019

Holt Already Doing Big Things

Terry Holt III 4'1" PG Dayton 2031
Although we rarely spotlight players so young, the things Terry Holt III (4’1”/PG/Dayton/2031) is doing as only a 1st grader beg to be recognized.  If you’re wondering what Holt is doing; he has already established a national reputation as one of the top players in the nation in his class based on his Coast2Coast and Top25Scouts ranking, and the list of power house teams he runs with is quite impressive.  Specifically, he has played for such brand names as All-Ohio Red, Bates Fundamental, Ohio Kings, Team TJ Ford and the All Indy Gym Rats. 

Because Holt is so highly skilled, he is able to compete against teams and players 2 years older. From the mix tape below, it’s clear Holt has elite ball skills, is aggressive and can really score the rock.  Although Holt is averaging about 16 points per game, his on ball defense and ability to force turnovers is quite impressive as well. You can check out more of Holt’s accomplishments by hitting him up on Instagram @terry_t3.  We intend to keep an eye on Holt’s development.


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