Monday, August 21, 2017

D Rich TV Camp Day One Standouts-Part 3

Simon Wheeler, Omar Abuhandeh, Jeremiah Dargon, Samartine Bogues & John Mobley, Jr.
Below is Part 3 of our recap of the D Rich TV Camp that was held in Akron, Ohio this past weekend. As we previously stated, we were only there for half a day so we were unable to see many of the other standout performers for the event. Any discussion about elite level guards has to include John Mobley Jr. (5’0”/PG/2024/Columbus, OH). Mobley is widely recognized as one of the best players in the nation in his class, and his play on Saturday was consistent with the hype.  Because of his elite skill level, Mobley is offensively gifted; however, on Saturday, he was more of a playmaker and showed excellent court vision and passing ability.  We also really liked Amire Robinson (6’0”/WF/2023/Naperville, IL), who’s a fierce competitor. Robinson’s toughness and will to win was on full display when he led his team to a big win over an Elijah Fisher led team.  Robinson has great size and strength for his age and used both gifts to bully his way to the basket with regularity.

We saw some good things from Jaden Langley-Thomas (5’11”/PG/2021/Toronto, CN) who was not only explosive to the cup and finished with contact, but was also proficient at knocking down 3-pointers.  Langley also was a willing and able passer.  We were impressed with the play of Jacoi Hutchinson (5’9”/SG/2022/Silver Springs, MD), who showed good pace of play, a solid handle and the ability to finish near the basket on a consistent basis.  We didn’t really get to see him, but everything we’ve heard about Colin Porter (CG/2024/KY) suggests he has a bright future.  He may be a bit flashy, but Collins is highly skilled, plays on both ends of the ball and always seems to make the right play.  We hope to get a look at Porter soon!

Other Standout performers included: Terrence Clark (6’6”/2021), Tae Perie (5’8”/CG/2021/Akron, OH) Aiden Mahaney (5’11”/PG/2022/Lafayette, CA), Josiah Johnson (5’5”/PG/2023/Sacramento, CA), Jeremiah Dargan (6’4”/WF/2022/Concord, CA), Michael Williams (6’0”/PG/2023/San Diego, CA), Jarace Walker (6’2/WF/2022/New Freedom, PA), Isaiah Williams (5’10”/CG/2023/Baltimore, MD), Michael Williams (5’10”/WF/2023/Baltimore, MD), Jayden Hardy (6’4”/CG/Detroit, MI), Elijah Jamison (6’1”/CG/2021/Lewisburg, NC), Josiah Johnson (5’5”/PG/Sacramento, CA), Amaree Pickens (PG/2024/Erie, PA), Jarrrett Taylor (5’4”/PF/Uniontown, OH), Kameryn Kennerly (4’9”/PG/Akron, OG), Dominic Scott (4’7”/PG/Painesville, OH), Sean Clark (2023/MD), Adam Duvall (2022), Jason Simpson (2021/FL), Dariq Whitehead (2022/NJ), Treymane Parker (2023/NC), Gavin Bullock (2023/NC), Tayshawn Corner (2022/IN), Josiah Mobley (PG/2021/Columbus, OH) and Darryn Peterson (2024/OH).

Because we only had a few hours to spend at the event we only had the opportunity to evaluate half of the players in attendance. The players listed above caught our attention while we were there, but we know there were a number of other standouts at the event we did not get a chance to see.  We would like to congratulate D Rich for putting together an excellent event.  Next up is the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase set for September 9th & 10th, where many of the players highlighted above will be in attendance.

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