Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Day Two Report

Tarik Watson, Warren Keel, Germany Clark, Stephon Ashley & Marcus Johnson
On day two of the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp we tried to focus on the younger kids in attendance. One of the best young players we saw early on Sunday was Mikkel Tyne (5’7”/CG/2024/Toronto, CN), who has a game beyond his years.  Tyne is a big, physical combo guard who is at his best bulling his way to the basket.  However, Tyne is more than just big, he’s highly skilled, has a high basketball IQ and a great motor.  In addition, Tyne’s game is mature and his ability to score the rock is elite.  Tyne is another Canadian kid who has a chance to be good going forward.  Oh yea, Tyne was selected as Camp MVP for his class.

In terms of skill, IQ and poise, we were very impressed with Warren Keel (PG/2025/Boston, MA).  Keel plays the game at a high level and he has a good feel for the game   He has great ball skills, can shoot it from deep and drive and dish. He finishes drives at a high rate and seems to always make the right play.  This kid has a chance to be special. Tarik Watson (6’1"/C/2024/Middletown, NY) was one of the biggest kids in the division and he used his size and strength to dominate his smaller opponets. Watson rebounded the ball at a high rate, ran the floor and fisted in transition points.  Blessed with great size for a 6th grader, Watson projects well going forward.

Because he’s an Ohio kid, we were well aware of Marcus Johnson’s  (PG/2026/Cleveland, OH) talent before we arrived in DC.  With his size and skill set, Johnson was almost unstoppable to the cup.  Although he was playing up against 5th graders, Johnson got buckets.  For his efforts, and despite the fact he was playing up a grade division, Johnson took home Camp MVP honors for the 5th grade division.  We almost forgot to mention, there’s a video out showing Johnson in action breaking ankles! There were a number of very good 5th grade guards at the event, one of which was Geremy Clark (PG/2025/White Plains, MD).  Clark is super skilled, with quickness, a tight handle and the ability to stop and pop the mid-range jumper.  He also has great court vision and the ability to deliver passes on target and on time.

Isaac Gonzalez, Jamaal McKnight, Tai Turnage, Noah Perry-Lewis & Jebron Harriss
Any discussion about elite guards has to include: Stephon Ashley (4’8”/PG/2025/Wilmington, DE); Tai Turnage (PG/2025/New York, NY); Mason Douglas (PG/2025/Gambrels, MD); Tamarr Washington (CG/2025/Boston, MA); and Jamaal McKnight (PG/2025/Upper Marlboro, MD).  All of these guys can really go.  They are all quick as heck, stay in the paint and can score the ball.  Also, they are all crafty, smart, defend well, play hard and can find open teammates.  Anyone of the 5 could run my team! We also liked the shooting stroke of Noah Perry-Lewis (PG/2025/Brockton, MA).  In the game we watched Perry-Lewis drained multiple treys and looked comfortable doing it.  Perry Lewis was just another quality guard in that guard-rich 5th grade division.

We caught glimpses of him on day one, but on Sunday, we really came to appreciate the scoring ability of Isaac Gonzalez (CG/2022/NY).  Every time we saw him he was getting to the rim and finishing.  Gonzales plays with a lot of passion and determination.  He may be small, but pound for pound, Dominique Wyatt (PG/2022/DE) was as productive as anybody in the gym.  Wyatt is quick as lighting, can both create for teammates and knock down deep threes.

Some of the other day two standouts included: Jebron Harris (C/2025/NJ); Christian Ware 2025/MD); Tobe Nwobu (2025/MD; Karon Baailey (2025/MD); and Prince Samuels (2022).  Congratulations to Mike Melton and Drew Brelsford for putting together a great event!  Next up is the September 9th and 10th Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase!

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