Monday, August 21, 2017

D Rich TV Camp Day One Standouts-Part 2

Pierre Brooks Jr., Kyle Hicks, Jaden Langley-Thomas, Amire Robinson & Jonas Nichols
Below is Part 2 of our recap of the D Rich TV Camp that was held in Akron, Ohio this past weekend. As we previously stated, we were only there for half a day so we were unable to see many of the other standout performers for the event.

Omar Abuhamdeh (5’9”/PG/2021/North Royalton) demonstrated the skill, playing making ability and IQ required for early play at the high school varsity level.  He has always been able to use his ball skills to break down his defender and get into the paint, but Abuhamdeh is also deadly from beyond the arc. In fact, in one game we watched Abuhamdeh stepped into and hit multiple 3-pointers and made it look easy.  He’s also not going to turn it over and he’s going to defend 94 feet.  College ball at some level is likely with continued growth and development.

Kyle Hicks (6’1”/CG/2021/Boson, MA) is a physical specimen. The athletic combo guard enjoys a strong frame, long arms and enough explosiveness to finish consistently at rim level.  Hick’s a sold rebounder for his position and he excels at pushing the rock on the break and finishing off plays.  He’s also a good defender.  Hicks was not the only standout form Boston, as Alexis Reyes (6’5”/SG/2021/Boston, MA) was also a stud. Reyes has good size, length and does a good job of getting up and down in transition.  He’s also a solid rim protector and an unselfish passer.

In terms of hype, no one was more fun to watch than Simon Wheeler (5’7”/PG/2021/2021/Detroit, MI).  The eclectic PG whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his ability to beat his defender off the bounce, while driving and finishing difficult plays in extreme traffic.  His ability to spin the ball off the backboard going full speed against multiple defenders who were determined to beat up his shot was nothing short of amazing!  As proof that Wheeler was ballin, he was selected as Camp MVP based on a big time performance in the 2021 all-star game.  We can’t wait to see Wheeler in a few weeks when he will be suiting up of Team Michigan the prestigious Ohio vs Michigan All-Star Game as part of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. Wheeler just beat out Terrance Clark (6’6”/SG/2021/Boston, MA) for MVP.  Clark is an elite scorer from all three levels. In terms of long-term prospects, Clark may have had the most upside of any player at the event.

Jonas Nichols (5’11”/C/2024/Akron) is a man-child who is unstoppable in the paint, Towering over his smaller opponents, Nichols meets little resistance any where near the basket.  In addition, Nichols understands how to use his big body to set up on the block, move defenders into position and score.  He’s also a problem defensively, making it nearly impossible to get off a good shot in the lane.  Only time will tell of Nichols will grow into a position, but right now, he’s a monster! In terms of guard play, there was not many better than Sarmartine Bogues (5’2”/PG/2023/Baltimore, MA).  Bogues is super quick, possess a tight handle and is always probing the defense for a lane to the cup.  In addition, Bogues is an excellent on ball defender. 

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