Monday, August 15, 2016

Coast 2 Coast Preps League Finals Day 2 Report

J. Anderson, J. Hunter, D. King, S. Baemon & T. Perry
Although day two of the Coast 2 Coast Preps League Finals in Louisville, KY. was all about the pursuit of team championships, we sought to identify the top players of the day.  Below is a list of the standout performers we saw on Sunday.

Standout Performers:

Dakota Cochran (5’11/WF/2024/Shaker heights, OH), Montorie Foster Jr. (5’11/PG/2020/Warrensville, OH), Fred Hurt (5’4/WF/2024/New Orleans, LA), Ty Virgil (5’0/SG/2024/Sacramento, CA), Travis Perry (5’5/SG/2024, Princeton, KY), Jerome Williams (4’9/PG/2024/Minneapolis, MN), Shemmar Baemon (5’1/PG/2024/Milwaukie, WI), Hubert Carliste (5’4/WF/2024/ New Orleans, LA), Demari Larkins (4’7/PG/2024, Minneapolis, MN), Drew Ward (4’11/PG/2024/Sidell, LA), Damone King (5’0/combo guard/2024/Louisville, KY), Allen Gee (5’6/PG/202/Detroit, MI), Jayshawn Moore (6’4/WF/202/Detroit, MI), Darrius Tilghmon (6’0/WF/2021/Baltimore, MD), Christian Moore (5’9/P/SG/2021/Suffolk, VA), Allen Udemadu (6’8/C/2020/Nashville, TN), Joshuh Rubio (6’7/C/2020/Charlotte, NC), Noah Peeples (5’11/PF/2021/Akron, OH), Trey Coleman (6’4/WF/2020/Jeffersonville, KY), Julian Hunter (6’2/W/PF/2020/New Albany, IN), Trey Hourigan (6’5/C/2020/New Albany, IN), Langston Boyd (5’1/PG/2024/Charlotte, NC), Austin Swartz (5’2/SG/2024/Charlotte, NC), Johseem Felton (5’6/PG/2024/Charlotte, NC), David Castillo (SG/2024/Bartesville, OK), Corey Floyd (6’3/WF/2020/Cleveland, OH), Chris Ford (6’2/PF/2021/Charlotte, NC), Taylor Bell (5’11/WF/2021/Raleigh, NC), Jarius Northam (5’6/P/SG/2021/Durham, NC), Jamel Lewis (6’1/PF/C/2021/Buffalo, NY), Brinton Wright (6’5/C/2021/Perrys GA), Devin Longstreet (5’2/PG/2021/Ellenwood, GA), Landry Ballard (PG/2024/Oklahoma City, OK), Joe Anderson (5’11/PG/2020/Maryville, TN) and DJ Steward (6’0/SG/2020/Chicago, IL).


  1. It's Jerome Williams not Jerome Owens

  2. It's Jerome Williams not Jerome Owens