Monday, August 22, 2016

Buckeye Prep All-Star Game Rosters Released

Over the past several years, the slate of Buckeye Prep Ohio North vs South All-Star Games have become one of the most prestigious events in the state.  For only the 3rd time, the state’s top 20 players in each of 4 classes (2023-2020) will be divided into teams representing the north and south regions of the state.  Players residing in cities north of Columbus (i.e., Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Canton, Mansfield, etc.) will represent the Team North, while players residing from Columbus south (i.e., Cincinnati, Dayton, etc.)  will represent Team South.  This is truly the ultimate intrastate rivalry that will answer the age old question of where the best basketball is played in the state! 

In terms of interstate rivalries, the event will also include a freshman Ohio vs Michigan game as well as an 8th grade Ohio vs Kentucky game.  These 2 games will feature the top 10-12 players from each of the respective states. These elite games will provide an incredible platform for each state’s top players to both compete at a high level against the best Ohio and the region has to offer, while also providing them with a high level of media exposure.  Selection to these games is an honor, is very comptitive as well as an acknowledgement of a player’s reputation to date.

In terms of the selection process, we sought to attract as close to the top 10-20 players as we could find based on performances at Buckeye Prep and other elite events around the state, region and country, as well as our individual player rankings. With only a few spots available based on region and position, participation in the games is a very tough ticket! Below is a link to the all-star games rosters and tentative schedule. Each player listed has verbally committed to the event; however, if registration forms and fees are not received by August 29th, the spots will be opened up invitations will be extended to fill the vacant spots.  Because uniforms need to be ordered and plans need to be confirmed, the only real commitment is a financial commitment!

These games will be held in conjunction with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, and because every player participating in the all-star games will also be participating in the elite showcase, the overall level of competition will be extremely high. In addition to the top 20 players from Ohio, other nationally ranked players will also be participating in the event.  All I can say is get your popcorn ready; these games are going to be HOT!

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