Sunday, August 14, 2016

Coast 2 Coast Preps League Finals Day I Report

Griffith, Lockett, Campbell-Finch, Easter & Doeir
It may me mid-August, but many teams are still grinding it out for one last weekend.  We had the opportunity to spend some time at the Coast 2 Coast Preps’ League Finals in Louisville Kentucky yesterday to get one last look at some top teams and players I the country.  We posted up at the Mid-American Sports Center and watched several 2024 and 2023 teams in action.  Below is a list of the top performers we saw on day I.

Standout Performers:

Chris Lockett (5'7/SG/2023/New Orleans, LA), Jalen Griffith (5'2/PG/2024/Chicago, IL), DaJuan Wagner (5'2/SG/2023), Jadyn Harris (5'7/C/2024/Baton Rough, LA), Jaiden Arnold (4'9/PG/2022/Cincinnati, OH), Delmarr Blanton (5'2/SG/2024/Dayton, OH), Josh Holloway (5'0/PG/Memphis, TN), Curtis Givens (5'0/SG/Birmingham, AL), Cory Skillman (5'6/PG/2023/New York), Amire Robinson (5'9/PF/Naperville, IL), Kyler Vanverjagt (5'5/SG/2023/Grand Rapids, MI), Isaiah Campbell-Finch(PG/2024/Columbus, OH), Peyton Blankenship (4'10/SG/2024/Columbus, OH), Jerry Easter (5'2/PG/2024/Toledo, OH), Christian Doeir (4'10/P/SG/2024/Louisville, KY), Jackson Wors (5'3/C/New Powell, IN), Brenton Moore (5'0/PF/Louisville, KY), Jobe Bryant (4'8/PG/Park Hills, MI), Julian Bunton (5'1/combo guard/2024/ Louisville, KY), Cortez Freeman (SG/Columbus, OH), Nazir Robinson (4'5/PG/New York/2023), King Keary (5'0/PG/2024/Nashville, TN), Juwan Turner (4'8/PG/2023/Columbus, OH), Tyler McKenley (5'6/C/2024/ Cincinnati, OH), Jonas Nichols ( 5'7/C/2023/Akron, OH), Elijah Ryans (5'1/PG/ 2024/Grand Rapids, MI),  Kohen Rowbatham (5'2/SG/2024/Slidell, LA), Najae Williams (4'10/PG/2024/New Orleans, LA), Juan Crawford (5'2/WF/2024/Dayton, OH), Dustin Whittaker (6’4/SG/2020/Chicago, IL), DJ Steward (6’0/SG/Chicago, IL), Dre’Sean Roberts (5’0/PG/2023/Piqua, OH), Aaron Long (5’6/WF/2022/Chicago, IL) John Mobley, Jr. (PG/2020/Columbus, OH) and Mardrecus Morland (5’2/combo guard/Birmingham, AL).

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