Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Stars Emerge at All-Star Saturday Event

Johnson, Kennedy, Anderson, Penn & Davis
For 18 years, Richard Crocket’s All-Star Saturday event has provided the Columbus community with a dynamic Easter egg hunt as well as a high-level basketball event. Although the basketball all-star game has traditionally featured local talent, for the last couple of years we have reached out further to bring in more statewide talent. This year’s event saw Dayton and Cincinnati send representative to this annual event.  However, the star of the day hails from Columbus, and although the game featured some highly ranked kids, Marcus Johnson (6’0”WF/2020/Columbus), a virtual unknown statewide before the event, announced his arrival with a 26-point explosion and MVP Honors in the middle school game. He didn’t just put up gaudy numbers; he excited the crowd with his above the rim theatrics. Johnson is an extreme athlete with elite explosiveness. He has good length, is fluid and is at his best slashing to the basket. This season, Johnson is running with Chris Anthony’s #6 ranked Ohio Bulldogs squad.  We intend to keep an eye on Johnson, as he has a chance to play at the next level with continued hard work and development.

Beavercreek’s Isaiah Kennedy (5’10”/PG/2020) had another big day as evidenced by his team-high 15 points. Some have questioned the merit of his national exposure, but the last 2 times we’ve watched him compete against other elite players Kennedy has excelled.  A big-bodied lead guard, Kennedy is skilled, plays with poise and does not turn over the rock. Kennedy is a starter on Malcolm Walters’ #1 ranked NEO Shooting Stars squad.  We also have to give props to Dayton’s Sammy Anderson Jr. (5’9”/WF/2020) who came to Columbus and increased his stock.  He just missed making the all-star game at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase earlier this month, but his performance on Saturday confirmed for us he is among the best in the state.  Anderson is a threat to shoot it as soon as he crosses half court, and not only is he a perimeter threat, Anderson’s athleticism allows him to get to the cup and finish near the rim.  Anderson is also super smooth and plays with good pace. Anderson runs with his father’s #7 ranked Dayton Swish team.

We also saw some good things from Dominc Penn (5’4”/PG/2020/Columbus) and Von Cameron Davis (6’1”/PF/2020/Columbus), both from Columbus.  Penn is a highly skilled PG with a high basketball IQ and a solid handle, while Davis is a long, athletic big with major upside potential.  Both Penn and Davis are part of a talented Ohio Bulldogs team. Cincinnati’s Darion Henry (6’5”/PF/2020) had some bright spots as did Qian Magwood (5’6”/PG/2020/Columbus).  Congratulations to all of the players selected to participate in this event.

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  1. Dayton area is loaded with Middle School talent as evidenced by the performance of these two young men. The class of 2020 (8th grade) and 2021 (7th grade will be fun to watch in these next few years. I compiled a list of a potential top 5 in the area for both classes. Just an opinion after much observation of basketball in the area. Other cities post yours also.
    1. Carl Blanton- Multi-skilled, athletic wing that can score, defend, and rebound. Great Potention.
    2. Sammy Anderson- Aggressive Combo guard with scoring and attacking mentality.
    3. Willeion Yates- Ultra quick guard who excels in open court. Playmaker!
    4. Isaiah Kennedy- Battle-tested strong guard who uses great strength to overcome smaller gyards
    5. Jordan Howard- Exceptional athlete who runs like a deer and is natural scorer.
    Top Five Dayton Area Class 2021
    1.Brent Walker- 6'4 Big with athleticism and growing skill set. Gets better and better with experience
    2.Chanze Amerson- Long "do it all" wing who make plays and has very high motor
    3.Alex Williams- Strong bodies big/wing who creates mismatch problems. Effective inside/out game
    4.Deuce Blake- Dynamic pass first point guard with elite handle, IQ. All around, crafty offensive game.
    5.Anthony McComb- Exceptional athlete who is developing into great shooter.Arguably best athlete in class.