Thursday, March 10, 2016

Loveday Returns to Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

Zach Loveday-2020
When we talk about young basketball players with big time talent and immense upside potential, we’re talking about guys like Zach Loveday (6’10/C/2020/Gallia Co).  Loveday made his statewide and national debut at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase last March (made the all-star team), and he’s been a highly sought after commodity since then.  What makes Loveday such a potential high major prospect; we’ll start out with his size.  Standing just a hair under 6’10 with a 70 inch wingspan, he already has elite size for only an 8th grader. If that wasn’t enough, Loveday has grown 3 inches since last year and he may not be done growing.  Next, Loveday’s ability to protect the rim at an elite level makes him an instant impact.  If he’s not blocking shots, which he does a lot of; he’s altering and/or forcing bad shots from his opponent.  Want multiple possessions; well Loveday can deliver, as he rebounds at a high rate as well.

According to those close to Loveday’s development, he’s working hard with a local trainer (Nathan Conley), and his offensive skill set and basketball IQ are expanding every day.  Not only does he finish around the rim at a high rate, he can now consistently step outside and knock down the trey.  He has also developed a baby hook, and his passing has improved also.  In addition, Loveday is smarter, and routinely recognizes where the double teams are coming and quickly delivers passes on target to an open teammates. Finally, with his developing offensive game, Loveday may project as a power forward going forward.

All-of Loveday’s talent was on display this past middle school season, as Loveday led his Gallia Academy Middle School squad to a 15-4 record and both an Ohio Valley Conference regular season (10-2) and tournament championship.  Over the course of the season, Loveday logged eye-popping stats, including 15 triple double games.  Loveday scored 20 or more points and grabbed 18 rebounds in at least 5 games. Loveday also had a season high 16 blocked shots. Although he has concentrated on basketball thus far, he may go out for track this season depending on his basketball schedule.

He may be an outstanding basketball player, but Loveday is also well rounded.  Exhibit A, he’s a straight A student with a 3.9 GPA, while also taking honors classes as part of his school’s accelerated program.  Moreover, Loveday plays the trumpet in his school’s honor band, and out of 360 students, was recently chosen play in an honors concert at the Ohio State University. 

Although Loveday ran with the local All-Ohio Southeast last year I the spring and summer, he will take his talents to the West Virginia Wildcats this season.  According to Loveday’s father, Billy, the family was drawn to the Wildcats because of their focus on training, and practices designed around skill development.  Needless to say, for the college coaches who frequent this website, get Loveday on your recruiting board and get him on campus; he’s going to be a good one!  You can catch Loveday in action at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase this weekend and at the UA Next Combine Series Midwest in April.


  1. Noticed 6ft 2020 WF Trevon Ellis will be attending the showcase . This kid can play ! His all around game + leadership and high IQ is just exciting to see . can't wait to see how high he's ranked .

  2. I also noticed 5'4 2020 PG Logan Moore will be attending the showcase. This kid has amazing handles and vision. He'll definitely be ranked high.

  3. I also noticed 6'2 Jaheim Thomas good around the paint nice shot he should be ranked high to

  4. Noticed 6'0 2020 SG Jeremy Baker.. Nice size. Great player!! Can't wait to see what hes ranked at

  5. 6'10" height with a 70" wingspan?? That can't be right.