Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brent Walker Debuts Nationally

Brent Walker-6'4"7th Grader-Huber Heights, OH.
He arrived a virtual unknown, but by the time he left the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase last week he was already gaining national attention.  At 6'4" and only a 7th grader, the Huber Heights product's size, strength and athleticism caught people's attention last week.  We caught him in action a couple of weeks ago  in a local tournament, but it was not until his performance at our showcase against a higher level of competition that we were truly convinced of Walker's talent and upside potential. He will be running with Marty Finta's All-Ohio Red 2021 squad this spring and summer, so he will have ample opportunity to play at a high level and display his talent to the nation.  As his skill set increases, so will his potential and national exposure.  In all likelihood, Walker will end up at Coach Travis Trice's storied Wayne program where he will get the skill development that could make him a D-I prospect.  Below is a link to a Ty Kish produced highlight tape thats illustrates Walker's talent.  You can catch Walker and his All-Ohio Red 2021 squad in action at our Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament next weekend.  We can't wait to watch this kid's development!

Brent Walker Highlight Tape
Middle School Hoops TV Article

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  1. Top Five Dayton Area Class 2021
    1.Brent Walker- 6'4 Big with athleticism and growing skill set. Gets better and better with experience
    2.Chanze Amerson- Long "do it all" wing who make plays and has very high motor
    3.Alex Williams- Strong bodies big/wing who creates mismatch problems. Effective inside/out game
    4.Deuce Blake- Dynamic pass first point guard with elite handle, IQ. All around, crafty offensive game.
    5.Anthony McComb- Exceptional athlete who is developing into great shooter.Arguably best athlete in class.