Wednesday, February 17, 2016

R.I.P. Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray
It’s with great sadness and sorrow that we report the sudden death of Stevie Ray, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident yesterday.  Most people might recognize Stevie from his play with the 2020 Mid-Ohio Pumas during the spring and summer.  However, most recently, Stevie started on the undefeated and tournament championship 8th grade Hilliard Memorial team which also featured Matt Allocco and Chris Mayfield.  Of note is the fact that Ray had his best game of the season in the championship game against Dublin Davis Middle School. We wanted to take this opportunity to both honor Ray’s life, and to remind players, parents and coaches that life is short, and that basketball is a game that should be enjoyed and taken in the context of what truly matters in our lives.  Rest in Peace Stevie Ray; you will be missed!

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