Sunday, February 7, 2016

Buckeye Prep 2023 Watch List Released

Roberts, Hayes, Molton, Walker, Head, Moore & Woodard
Below is our initial list of some of the top 5th graders in the state of Ohio.  As is the case with any list of this type, there are a number of other kids worthy of making this list, but they have not yet appeared on our radar.  In addition, this list was developed based primarily on our own observations from the events we host and cover.  Moreover, we have made numerous phone calls to travel team coaches from across the state asking about their opinions of the top players in their respective areas. If a deserving player has not made our initial list, it’s probably because no one (credible) is talking about them, or we have not seen them in showcases, camps or travel team events.

With that said, our list will evolve over time and new players will be added to the list as they arrive on the statewide scene.  Not only will we add to the list, sometimes from week-to-week, we will eventually affix numbers (rankings) as we become more comfortable with the players in the class.  Also, keep in mind, the class of 2023 is so very young, and many more elite players have yet to be discovered.  Most importantly, our list, or any list for that matter, only represents our opinion and does not seek to make any guarantees of future success, as some of the players on our list will fade due to several factors, while other kids will grow, continue to work hard and develop.

Now that we have set the table, there are a handful of players in this class who we have already evaluated and are excited about, some of whom we have already featured on this website.  For example, we really like Dre’Sean Roberts (5’0”/SG/2023/Piqua), who we’ve seen at both our elite showcase as well as a team environment.  The same thing can be said about LA Hayes (5’4”/PG/2023/Brookpark) and Adisa “Desh” Molton II (4’11”/PG/2023/Lyndhurst), both of who garnered MVP honors at our most recent elite showcase. A few other guys we’ve seen and liked include: Andre Wheeler Jr. (4’9”/PG/2023/Lyndhurst), Jayvon Moore (5’4”/WV/2023/Maple Heights), Cody Head (5’2”PF/2023/Shaker Heights), Chase Walker (5’6”/C/2023/Reynoldsburg), Paul Woodard (5’2”/PG/2023/Trotwood), Marquise Frazier (4’4”/PG/2023/Toledo) and Tyron Brown (5’3/”PG/2023/Dayton).

Of course there are several kids we’ve heard a lot about but have not yet evaluated, including: LaBron James Jr., Gabe Cuppe, Shawn Thigpen, Chandler Starks, Bede Lori, Chandler Thomas, Channer Wells, Jordan Jonson, Ryan Nutter, Skyler Schmidt, CJ Hornbeak III, Deric Jaynes and others.  Throughout the upcoming spring and summer we will be attending various events around the state where we will attempt to identify and feature the top kids in this class.  Continue to follow our website for updates.  Finally, many of the top players on our list will be attending our March 12th elite showcase.


  1. my son Michael greenlee jr from Maumee bay turf should be on the watch list for 2023

  2. I don't see his name Michael greenlee jr


    The best way to communicate with me is at or 614-203-2929.

  4. Very well said Coach.Highschool will tell it all 6'8-7'0 come out...����

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  6. Hey coach I think you are doing a great job, but i must say you can't do a watch list for 2023 without mentioning Jeremiah Henderson from Cincinnati. Before someone say's I coach, train, or this is my son. The answer is no to all the above. I coached against and he has played up with us sometimes, and the kid can flat out play. I know he is young for the grade so I don't know if he is a fifth grader or fourth grader but he definitely should be mention. I also noticed that all the kids on the list AAU club is from Ohio. Does this make a difference? I just seen a pic a couple of weeks ago with him playing for Team Teague from indy on your website. He has been playing with them the last couple of years. We have really nice talent down here for the grade. I must also mention a kid last name is Johnson. He father has been on the circuit for awhile his name is Vaughn Johnson. Watch out for these boys they are coming.