Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hidden Gems Discovered in Columbus All-Star Game

Gilbert, Sibley, Jackson & Boateng
We had the opportunity to spend some time at the Bruins All-Star Middle School Bonanza at Briggs High School in Columbus yesterday, and we’re glad we did, as a couple of hidden gems were unearthed.  Although the event featured 3 games, including a girl’s game, 7th grade game and an 8th grade game, we only had time to watch the 7th grade game before we had to leave. The game was vey competitive and featured several players on our statewide 2021 top player list. 

Although their were a couple of highly ranked 7th graders in the game, like Malik Branham, Trayvon Jackson, Josiah Fulcher and Makale Massey, the stars of the game were Jaylen Gilbert (6’0/PF/2021/Columbus) who dropped 22 points in a loosing effort and Royal Sibley (5’11/PG/2021/Columbus) who led his Home team to a 52-48 win with a team-high 11 points.  We also liked Luchene Davis (5/8/P/SG/2021/Columbus) who finished with 11 points for the Away squad and Eldon Boateng (5’8/PF/2021/Columbus) who added 8 points.  It’s worth noting that Trayvon Jackson (5’8/PG/2021/Columbus) was a catalyst in his team’s win, as he hit key shots late in the game to allow his team to pull away for good. Jackson finished with 8 points. 

We’re disappointed we could not stay for the 8th grade game, as there were several highly ranked players competing including: Chris Mayfield, Von Cameron Davis, Tahleik Walker and Dominic Penn.  From what we understand, the players and teams were divided between the OCC (suburban) and the Columbus City League, with the OCC team maintaining a lead through out the game before winning by about double digits.  Standouts for the OCC squad were CJ Anderson, who finished with 26 points, and whom some feel was the unofficial MVP, Dominic Penn, who got hot from the perimeter knocking down about 3-4 treys, and Chris Mayfield who’s athleticism was on full display.  For the City League, Marcus Johnson (finished with 22 points), Qian Magwood and Von Cameron Davis were the standouts.  We also heard some good things about Grove City’s Matt Reed and Hamilton Township’s Marquis Moore.  From what we saw, it was a great event.  Finally, several of the above players have been selected to participate in the annual All-Star Saturday All-Star Game at the Bruce Howard Recreation Center on March 26th.  Finally, below is a complete list of 7th and 8th grade all-stars.

7th Grade All-Stars:

Home Team: Isaac Reeves, Royal Sibley, Malik Branham, Trayvon Jaclson, Makale Massey, Alex Crippen, Michael Wright, Marcus Brown, Eldon Boateng, Kasim Dear Jr., Mehki Jerrett, and Richie (LNU).  Away Team: Jesse Johnson, Shaun Moore, Josiah Fulcher, Marques Parks, Shemar Watson, Khaleed Hudson, Luchene Davis, Logan Hudson, John Stuckey, Javaun Blackshear and Jaylen Gilbert.

8th Grade All-Stars:

Home Team: Qian Magwood, Jacob Cash, Ishmeal Luster, Devante Oliver, Trent Robinson, Von Cameron Davis, Austin Morris, Shannon Watkins, Alex Timmons, Marcus Johnson, Julian Binfrod and Jalen Doby.  Away Team: CJ Anderson, Logan Green, Matt Reid, Brian Collier, Luke Lachey, Marquis Moore, Kaveon Ross, Jamir Simpson, Tahleik Walker, Dominic Penn, Chris Mayfield and Fred Wilkes II.

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  1. AIMS sent an 8th grader in place of the 7th grader?