Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pickerington Central Sophomore Turning Heads

Jae'son Tate-6'4 Sophomore Pickerington Central

Jae’son Tate, an athletic 6’4 sophomore wing from Pickerington Central High School, has already caught the attention of college coaches. After we watched Tate dominate the competition at the All-Ohio City Series on Saturday, we spoke with him about his recruitment.  Though he has only played one season of high school basketball, Tate has already established himself as at least a mid-major division I prospect.  In fact, several of the MAC’s top programs have already taken notice.  According to Tate, he already has offers from Kent State, Akron and Miami (Oh), while Michigan, Dayton, Ohio and Xavier are reportedly showing interest.  To date, Tate has only visited two schools, Dayton and Akron, and does not plan any additional visits anytime soon.

Tate still has 3 more seasons of high school hoops, but he is already thinking about what he desires in a program. “I want to play fast; really get up and down,” stated Tate. “I also want a coach that can teach me more,” added Tate. Right now, the biggest decision for Tate is rather he continues to juggle both football and basketball going forward.  Tate also plays outside linebacker for the Tigers. If he had his choice, Tate would concentrate on hoops exclusively. “My dad is making me play [football],” said Tate.  Right now, Tate is perpetual motion, and does not have an equal in his class in central Ohio.  Blessed with a strong body, plenty of bounce and a nonstop motor, the sky is the limit for Tate once he refines his jump shot.

Prep Spotlight's John Stoval, who has Tate ranked 4th in the state in the class of 2014, likes what he sees in Tate's game. "Effort, production and he plays hard," said Stovall about Tate.  "He finishes, plays bigger than he is and is improving," continued Stovall.  In terms of Tate's upside potential Stovall added, "It depends how tall he gets.  Every inch is another level.  If he gets to 6'6 he is mid [major] plus; if he gets to 6'8 he is high major," offered Stovall. Because Tate is already reaping the benefits of genetics (his father Jermaine was a standout at Ohio State and Cincinnati) the younger Tate may still have room to grow. "Historically, his father [Jermaine] grew as a sophomore," said Stovall. Jerry Francis, Tate's high school coach, sees the same potential in Tate as does Stovall. "His potential is untapped. A lot depends on his growth and development, but  if he grows to 6'8 he is high major plus," offered Francis.

Tate's AAU coach, Myron Bess, has also seen a big improvement in Tate's game. "Jae'son just keeps getting better and better each year," said Bess. "This summer, we always had a mismatch with Jae'son.  He is strong inside and can now step outside and hit the three pointer," continued Bess.

Tate's high school squad is predicted to compete for an OCC Capital league title, and has a good chance to improve on their district semi-final appearance last year (Tate scored 22 points in a 71-49 loss to Westrville South).  Undoubtedly, the Tigers will go as far as Tate leads them. Last season, Tate led the Tigers in rebounding and taking charges, and was the second leading scorer on his way to 2nd Team All-Conference honors. "Jae'son will have to take more of a leadership role this year," continued Francis. Although only a sophomore, look for Tate to make a major impact on a still young Tigers squad this season.


  1. He is a pure BEAST

  2. Jae'son keep working hard and it will pay off. Playing football will make you a better person and basketball player.

  3. Great job Jae'son!! Keep up the good work! Don't forget -- " got to get your shots up!!!"

  4. Great Job Jaesean! I've seen you play and you just scratch the surface of you potential. Continue to work hard in the classroom, weight room, and on the court. You have a bright future a head of you!

    Proud Fan

  5. Your family in Toledo is so VERY PROUD OF YOU BOI...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Stay BEASTIE OUT THERE!! Keep your head to the skys...GOD IS GOOD!!

    Love VEE <3

  6. Tonice ButterScott PickettOctober 31, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    So proud if you cousin...keep showin up and showin out!!! Love ya!

  7. Great job Jaylen Tucker!

  8. Saw you play and boy are we proud. Remain focused, have fun and keep up grades.

    Love ya,