Saturday, October 22, 2011

Buckeye Prep to Sponsor 2012 6th Grade Team

Coach Ed Lyshe

This coming spring, Buckeye Prep will be sponsoring an elite, statewide 6th grade boys basketball team.  Although the team will play a very competitive schedule, the focus will center on player development. Coach Ed Lyshe, a long time and well respected AAU coach and Buckeye Prep supporter, will be putting the team together, and will be assisted by Jody Holms, a 10-year veteran coach himself, former OSU guard Troy Taylor and former Bowling Green football standout Kenny Rankin.  

In addition to weekly practices, Ed and his team of coaches will be providing individual skill development sessions to the Buckeye Prep players.  Open gyms and individual skill sessions are currently underway and will last throughout the winter basketball season.  For more information about joining the team you can contact Ed at 614-746-5537. Buckeye Prep would like to welcome coach Ed Lyshe and his 6th grade team to the Buckeye Prep  family!

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  1. Awesome! This is EXACTLY what our children need in this world today... something positive for them to participate in instead of a lot of idle time which normally results in trouble. I have to commend the coaches for taking out the time of their busy schedules to give to our precious youth and future leaders and productive citizens in society. Faye.