Tuesday, September 20, 2011

db Hoops Skills Academy Spotlights North East Ohio Talent

Team of the Day

On September 17, 2011, db Hoops held the first ever Skills Academy. Founder Dwight Blair provided Buckeye Prep with a post event account of some of the standout players at the event.  Below is his report.
"The high school event drew 50 players in our first year, and out of the 50 kids at the event there were many talented young players. The top three senior players were 6'6" wing Cody Blizzard out of Ashtabula Lake Side; 6'5" D'Vontie Rorie out of Canton McKinley and 6'3" Bryson Smith out of Canton South High School. These three men played hard all afternoon and really turned some heads. In fact, Bryson's play may have earned him an offer from D-II California PA.

Cody Blizzard

The junior division also had some outstanding players including: 6'8" Mike Mills from Canton McKinley; 6'3" Jaevon Johnson out of Canton Glenoak (very smooth left hander); 6'2" Kyle Deckerd from Canton South (deadly 3pt shooter) and 5'9" Hollas "Scamp" Alexander from Canton McKinley. All of these players turned some heads and had solid days. The sophomore class was as solid as they come and had many outstanding players as well. Those players included: 6'5" Ethan Boose from New Philly and his teammate 6'3" wing Marco Columbo really put on a show. Also db Hoops teammates 6'3" Brennan Czuchran from Buckeye Local and 6'3" Anthony Wallace from The Linsley School had outstanding days. Also 5'8" Jarel Wooldridge from Akron ST Vincent ST Mary really put on a show on Saturday.

Devonte Rorie

Finally, not be out done, the freshman class was saying do not forget about us. We had some very talented young men who will be raising stars in the near future. 6'4" Jordan Stock (Massillon Washinton), 6'3" Brogan Scott (Medina Highland), 6'1" twins Michael & Scott Peterson (Lake Center Christian), 5'9" Tyler Dunn (Massillon Jackson) and 5'8" Jaevon McClain ( Akron ST Vincent ST Mary). These young men were solid, and at times, they were the best players on the floor, and will be worth watching this season and in the spring for db Hoops (their summer squad). With all of that being said, our camp MVP was Marco Columbo (New Philly), who just put on a show and was as solid with shooting and passing. Had an outstanding camp and was making every player around him better."

Marco Columbu-Camp MVP

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