Sunday, September 11, 2011

Central Ohio Open Gym-Week 5 Team Rosters

Below is a link to a tentative list of team rosters for week #5 of Vic Dandridge's open gym.  The rosters are subject to change depending on who shows up.

Week #5 Rosters 


  1. Kids are paying to come play in this...seems a little bit like a league...Should there be more than 2 kids from the same high school be playing on the same team? Sounds like could be a violation?

  2. It is not a league. It is very clear. It is an open gym. More than two kids can be on the same team in an open gym. It costs $5 to come to the facility and play on their open courts. The teams are selected based on who actually shows up. The teams change every week. No violation at all. No records are kept or anything.

    Coach Vic