Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ohio New Heights Claims Indiana Championship

Ohio New Heights-Silver Division Champs 2011 Hoosier Shootout
Congratulations to coach Nick Tillman and his 8th grade Ohio New Heights squad for winning the silver division title at the 2011 Hoosier Shootout this past weekend. The team finished with a 5-2 tourney record with wins over the Kimbro Ballers, Team Indiana White, Team Hustle (Illinois), BA Celtics and the Village Athletes. New Heights team members included: Gabe Akins, Max Oyer, Tristin Tillman, Rico Stafford, Connor Woods, CJ Saunders, Xavier Simpson, Elijah Pugsley and Caleb Mitchell. Reports have it that “point guards CJ Saunders and Xavier Simpson controlled the offense and played lock down defense,” while “Caleb Mitchell rebounded well and had a lot of blocks”. For the season, Ohio New Heights finished with an impressive 51-15 record. Props go out to the team’s players and parents for finishing the season strong!.

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  1. this team is deff one of the top teams in the class of 2015 in ohio. We'll be hearing from them alot in the future