Saturday, August 6, 2011

John Stovall's Top Ohio AAU Teams

All-Ohio Red 17s-AAU National Champions

John Stovall, the primary authority on high school basketball in Ohio, has put together a list of the top high school AAU teams in the state. In addition to writing and scouting for, Stovall works for Nike, and is co-owner of Prep Spotlight Magazine. In his various roles, Stovall attends most of the major AAU events around the country, and he has seen many of the teams on his list on multiple occasions.  Below is his team list:

1. King James
2. King of the Court
3. Cincinnati Lakers
4. All Ohio Red
6. Ohio Varsity
7. Cincinnati Tar Heels
8. Team Lima
9. Millinium Fire
10. Ohio Basketball Club
11. Team Queen City
12. Queen City Prophets
13. Northwest Ohio Basketball Club
14. TNBA
15. Shining Star
1. All Ohio Red
2. All Ohio Varsity
3. Ohio Basketball Club
4. Martin's Wolverines
5. All Ohio Grey
6. Shining Star Schaefer
7. King James
10. Ohio Hoopsters
11. Midwest Athletic Club
12. Cincinnati Lakers
13. Shining Star Moman
14. Queen City Prophets
15. Northwest Ohio Basketball Club
1. All Ohio Red
2. Ohio Hoopsters
3. All Ohio Purple
4. King James
5. Ohio Basketball Club
6. Ohio Shooting Stars
7. Cincinnati Knights
8. Friends for Life
10. All Ohio Gold
11. Shining Star Walther
12. Northwest Ohio Basketball Club
13. All Ohio Black
14. Mustang Ballers
15. Millinium Fire


  1. what exactly is your criteria for top teams

  2. Isn't King James 15u a Kentucky team? They aren't from Ohio.

  3. What a joke. Stovall is very biased toward certain players. But having certain players on a team don't make a good team. All Ohio Gold should not even be listed. They have done nothing all year including nationals. Friends for life. CBIZ. Come on. Mustang Ballers, really ? Millinium Fire ? Hoopsters second after Nationals. Crazy.

  4. As I've said many times Millennium Fire Basketball Club's 15U IS THE MOST UNDERRATED TEAM IN OHIO.I won't go into who we beat this year (they know who they are) all I will say is see you all next year. The people who do these rankings should follow teams other than the ones in Columbus. Actions speak louder than words, again see you next year!

  5. U17's Where is GameTime Magic the new AAU team? They beat 6. Ohio Shooting Stars
    7. Cincinnati Knights twice, 10. All Ohio Gold
    13. All Ohio Black twice, 14. Mustang Ballers
    3 times that I saw. What is the criteria it does seem somewhat bias as I heard John saw them play and commented on the talent on the team.

  6. I see hidden gems 16u(blck) gets no love? They beat reach legends, Ohio gators, DBhoops(guensly) & lost by 8 to king James? Held king James powerhouse fully loaded to an all time low....40-32 score! Why can't they get any love?? No disrespect but WOW!