Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Central Ohio Open Gym Tips Off

Devon Scott-Player of the Day

On Sunday, Victor Dandridge's open gym attracted many of central Ohio's top high school players.  The seven week event will be held at the USA Sports Academy in Columbus, and will again provide about 40 varsity level players the opportunity to get in a quality run simply for the cost of admission.  In week one, 37 players showed up, and each of the 7 teams played about seven games.  According to Dandridge, Northland's Devon Scott was the player of the day, as his performance was described as dominate.  In addition, Scott's undefeated team got the nod as the team of the day.  The team's roster included: Scott, Jordan Potts, Ty Harriston, John Draper and Jordan Fair.

From what I hear, some of the other standout players included: Carter Smith (Upper Arlington), Nick Archer (Olentangy Liberty), Roy Alexander,  Eric Robey (Jonathon Alder), Caris Levert (Pick Central), Manuel Powell (Gahanna), Jalen Robinson (Northland), Jordan Potts (Northland), Jordan Cowgill (Thomas Worthington), Isiah Brooks (Walnut Ridge), and Adam McCall (Walnut Ridge) 

Some of the other players in the house included: Jack Gibbs and Matt Rhoades (Westerville North), KeChaun Lewis (Northland), Eric Weisenbach (Dublin Coffman), Jaylen Benton (Westerville North), Also, for those of you who have not yet heard the news, Jaylen Benton has transferred from Northland to Westerville North, where he will now compete alongside Gibbs, Rhoades and Adrian Cook.  With that said, don't cry for Northland, as sophomore Ty Harriston is reportedly poised to fill the spot vacated by Benton.  If you want to catch the action for yourself, the sessions run from 4:00pm to about 6:00pm on Sunday afternoons. Finally, look for more updates on Dandridge's open gyms over the next 6 weeks.


  1. So Dandridge doesn't coach at Northland anymore? August is no contact period for ALL board approved coaches and if Northland kids are showing up to his open gyms, wouldn't that be a violation?

  2. Vic has never coached at Northland. He is a bookkeeper stat man that's it that's all. The better question is why his name is "Coach Vic" maybe his year of coaching for All Ohio Red or his work outs with the kids...thats my guess.

  3. He probably has done coaching way before being actively involved with Northland or for matter OHSAA...he has "...never been officially a coach..." according to him.

    The bigger question for me is why is this important? If he wants or is known as "Coach Vic", is that a violation or just someone attempting to stir up something?

  4. This is a good way for kids that only play basketball to stay in shape and out of trouble during the off season. People need to stop trying to find the negative side of a situation all the time.

  5. I think Vic is doing a great job with these young men. I mean they could be out there like some of these other knuckleheads out here terrorizing the city. All these open gyms and showcases keep these kids in shape and fine tuned for the upcoming season sounds to me like a bunch of hate as always thanks rob for covering it. Aaron Jackson Sr. Wrote this not anonymous.

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