Monday, October 4, 2010

Justin Jenifer-The Real Deal

All to often we hear about the next great phenom who is destine for the pros, while simply biding his time in high school and a single season of college hoops. We also view home videos shot and edited by hopeful parents designed to show proof of their child's unlimited potential. Up until this past Sunday and my visit to the John Lucas Midwest Invitational Camp in Louisville, Kentucky, I suspected that the hype surrounding Justin Jenifer, a 5'6 8th grader from Baltimore, Maryland was just that, hype. Oh yea, I saw the 2006 Washington Post video clip of this reported phenom, and yes I was impressed with his early skill level and dedication to his craft, but not until I saw him play this weekend was I convinced of his talent. Trust me on this one, this kid can ball. Blessed with a superior skill package, great instincts for the game, and a healthy dose of competitiveness, Jenifer made a big statement in the Bluegrass State on Sunday. When he is not scoring the ball (he is very good at that), his vision and creativity are on full display as he finds open teammates for easy buckets. His advanced handle and collection of dribble moves allow him to routinely beat his man off the dribble on his way to the cup. Not only is his offensive game tight, his defense is solid as well. Hopefully this young man can keep his head on straight and continue to develop his game, because if he can, the kid has a bright future! Click on the link to check out Ty Kish's highlight video.


  1. Any idea who the kid is with the high-top fade who plays or played with Justin on Team Melo? He and a couple other kids from the team came to our weekly session at a few weeks ago and lit it up. Thanks.

  2. I love u shorty keep going hard like ya dad been teachin you soon you will be completely un guardable and to all you haterz poppin trash bout my lil dude STFU!!!!!! hell of a job Howard but we knew this from the craddle ya heard