Saturday, October 2, 2010

John Lucas Midwest Inivtational Camp-Day One

Although he and his organization are based out of Houston, Texas, John Lucas brought his basketball Resources machine to the Midwest and showed that his brand of tough nosed instruction and "keeping real" evaluations have national appeal. The John Lucas' Midwest Invitational Camp attracted 130 elite players from over 25 states and Canada to the state of the art Hoops facility located in suburban Louisville, Kentucky. Not only is there a great deal of talent participating in this 2-day camp, there are good number of national scouts and VIPs here to evaluate the players. Here watching the the campers are Hoop Scoop's Clark Francis, Scout's Evan Daniels, ESPN's Reggie Rankin, Slam Magazine's Rodger Bohn, Nike's Vince Baldwin and Ron Brisco, City League Hoop's Ty Kish,'s John Cookman and a couple of local television stations and newspaper outlets. In terms of the format, the camp tipped of with opening comments for John Lucas himself, following by an informative talk from ESPN's Len Elmore. After 3 good hours of skill and drills station work, the first round of games began in the late afternoon, as each of the 12 teams played two games. The 10 Ohio kids attending the event included Tyler Herron, Isiah Jones, Dylan and Steadman Lowrey, Amos "AJ" Harris, Joey DeNardo, Brain Parker, Nate Fowler, Ryan Gabbard and Craig Randall. Some of the day one standouts are listed below. To see the pictures I took on day one of the event, visit the Buckeye Prep Facebook Fan Page.
Day One Standouts:
Brian Bridgewater-6'7 PF LA (2013)
Cimeon Bower-6'7 PF WI (2012)
Austin Colbert 6'9 PF NJ (2013)
Jabari Parker-6'7 PF IL (2013)
Je'lon Hornbeak-6'4 WG TX (2012)
Shai-Shai Matthews-5'7 PG NY (2015)
Jaylen Reid-6'7 WF NC (2013)
Kale Abrahamson-6'7 WF IA (2012)
Isaiah Austin-7'1 C (TX) (2012)
Dylan Jones-6'7 WF (TX) (2013)
Jaylen Reid-6'7 WF (SC) (2013)
Duane Wilson-6'6 PG (WI) (2013)
Aquille Carr-5-6 PG (MD) (2013)
Chandler White-6'2 PG (IN) (2015)
Alex Foster-6'7 WF (IL) (2013)
Stedman Lowrey-6'3 WG (OH) (2013)
Will Ferguson-6'1 PG (VA) (2013)
Daelyn Franklin-5'8 PG (KY) (2015)
Brenton Scott-6'1 PG (IN) (2013)
Bryson Scott-6'2 PG (IN) (2013)

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