Monday, October 4, 2010

John Lucas Midwest Inivtational Camp-Day Two

Marcus Paige
As was the case on day one, the final day of the John Lucas Midwest Invitational Camp was brimming over with young talent, competitive play and juice match ups. On Sunday, in addition to some additional station work, there were 3 more sessions of games. Below is a list of players who caught our eyes on day two. Also, see the pictures of the top guys by visiting the Buckeye Prep Facebook Fan Page. Also, click on the highlighted link to watch the Ty Kish mix tape.

Standout Performers:

Marcus Paige-6'0 PG (WI) (2012)
Kale Abrahamson-6'6 WF IA (2012)
Austin Colbert-6'9 PF NJ (2013)
Cimeon Bowers-6'7 PF WI (2012)
Mike Gesell-6'1 PG NE (2012)
Malik Newman-6'3 WG MS (2015)
Duane Wilson-6'2 WG WI (2013)
Justice Winslow-6'4 WF TX (2014)
Jalen Lindsey-6'6 WF TN (2014)
Jabari Parker-6'7 PF IL (2013)
Zach Peters-6'9 PF TX (2012)
James Blackmon-6'2 PG IN (2014)
Shai-Shai Matthews-5'10 PG VA (2013)
Justin Jenifer-5'6 PG MD (2015)
Amos "AJ" Harris 5'9 PG OH (2015)
Isaiah Austin-7'1 C TX (2012)
Zavier Turner-5'9 PG IN (2013)
Aquille Carr-5'6 PG MD (2013)
Justin Coleman-5'10 PG AL (2014)
Christian Cunningham 5'10 PG KY (2014)
Bryson Scott-6'2 PG IN (2013)

Other Players to Watch:
Cedric Barefield-5'10 PG CA (2015)
Johnnie Vassar-6'0 WG IL (2014)
Trey Guidry-6'5 WF TX (2012)
Jarvis Calhoun-6'0 WG AL (2014)
Trevon Bluiett-6'5 PF IN (2014)
Arroyo Edwards-6'4 WF WI (2012)
Alex Foster-6'7 PF IL (2015)
Isaiah Jones 5'8 PG OH (2015)
Tyler Herron-6'7 C OH (2014)

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