Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 BPR Elite Showcase 8th Grade All-Stars

Below is a list of players who who made the 8th grade all-star teams, including the Top 5 Award winners and MVP: Red team: Tyler Herron, Mario Davidson, Evan Bailey, Aaron Bushner, Cameron Taylor, Kory Pearson, Tyler Ulis, William Green, Mike Clark, Darryl Long and Manuel Powell Jr. White team: Robert Caldwell, Ra Chaun Martin, Jalon Lewis, Cory Stewart, Andrew Deberry, Antonio Woods, Ronnie Williams, JaMichael Blanton, Blake Simpson and David Mitchell. The Top 5 Award winners were Ra Chaun Martin, Antonio Woods, Mike Clark, William Green and Tyler Ulis. As a side note, this morning I received a text from a high-major college coaching asking about Tyler. Apparently, he saw Tyler's highlight video (a Ty Kish production) and liked what he saw!


  1. Who does Antonio Woods play for

  2. he plays for team pitbull