Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 BPR Elite Showcase 6th Grade All-Stars

Below is a list of the 6th grade all-stars including the Top 5 Award winners and MVP: Ashon Riggins, Nick Ward, Michael Ryan, Roderick Caldwell, John Bubenhofer, Jelani Rogers, Teddy Hughes, Mitch Peterson, Xavier Simpson, Jaron Cumberland, Corey Benton, Jamison Bradley, BJ Henderson, Matthew Moyer, Anthony Dockery, Caleb Canter, Joey Williams, Aaron James, James Mann and Jake Fischer. The Top 5 Award winners were Ashon Riggins, Xavier Simpson (MVP), Anthony Dockery, John Bubenhofer, Nick Bennett and Jarron Cumberland.


  1. Nick Bennett was also an Allstar, tall blond kid in back. You don't have him listed. He was left off until 3 refs and a coach complained that he pretty much had his way every game and deserved to be on it. They did the right thing and added him. His coach left without turning numbers in about his players. Just a note, no big deal.

  2. Nick didnt deserve to be in the all star game he is a ball hog