Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ohio Rebels Coming to Win It

2026 Ohio Rebels
Coming off a 6-0 run and a 4thgrade championship at the All-Ohio Nike Grassroots Tournament last weekend, Coach John Brooks has his 2026 Ohio Rebels squad poised to make another run at the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournamentnext weekend in Columbus. In order to take the title back to Toledo, the Rebels will have to get by the likes of All-Ohio Phenom, Miller Factory, Ohio C2K, MWA Elite, R4L Pioneers and the Ohio Hoopsters just to name a few.  

Based on their selection to the All-Tournament Team last week, the Rebels appear to be powered by Brayden Fogle(MVP), Kaylen BrooksRasheed Reed Jr.and Dantrell Hughes.  Although we do not yet include the class of 2026 in our Buckeye Prep Power Rankings, we have to think the Ohio Rebels are a top 10 team in the state!  On that note, if some of the top coaches in that class want to reach out to us to provide information about that class, we would be willing to put together 2026 team ranking. After next weekend we should have a better idea just how good the Ohio Rebels really are!

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