Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shooting Stars Ready for Nike Circuit

With the 2017 AAU season fast approaching, the Drew Joyce Shooting Stars (DJSS) are excited to be participating in Nike’s EYBL circuit.  According to the newly released 2017 schedule, when the season tips off in the spring, the DJSS will have their U16 and U15 teams competing in the very competitive EYBL  [U16] and EYBL “Challenge” circuits.  Presently, only U17 and U16 teams actually participate in the EYBL, while U15 teams compete in a separate "Challenge" circuit. As the link below reflects, in addition to the 26 "Nike-Friendly"teams that will be participating in the EYBL circuits, another 40 teams each in the U15 and U-16 divisions will also be playing in the ultra competitive circuits; this includes Jerry Watson's  All-Ohio program.  Congratulations to the DJSS and All-Ohio for representing Ohio in this prestigious circuit!

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