Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cottingham Leads Team to 3rd Place Finish

Makail Cottingham-2021-Cleveland
When the clock ran out on Shiloh Middle School’s 2016/2017 season they stood at 10-6 and in 3rd place in their league.  They may not have reached their ultimate goal of a championship, but Makail Cottingham (5’8/CG/2021/Cleveland) certainly reached a few individual goals.  For the season, Cottingham led his middle school team in scoring with 24 points, 6-7 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game. In addition, Cottingham knocked down 54 treys in 16 games, and hit a scoring high of 43 points in a single game.  In the 3rd place consolation game, Cottingham’s 35 points, 11 assists, 13 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks were not enough to get his team a win.

Cottinham’s middle school success comes as no surprise to us, as we’ve seen him excel at several of our Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases, and in fact, have featured him several times on this website (see feature).  In addition, here's what we said about Cottingham when we saw him a year ago in a Cleveland area event, “One of the best performances all day was logged in by Makail Cottingham (5’5”/PG/2021/Cleveland). We’ve liked him since we saw him for the first at our elite showcase last year, and his play on Saturday raised his stock in our eyes.  Although he started slowly against a late day matchup with Omar Abuhamden (5’6”/PG/2021/North Royalton), Cottingham got hot from the perimeter, ultimately finishing with 6 treys.  As soon as you think Cottingham is limited to slashing to the cup, he’ll unleash a long-range bomb that finds the bottom of the net. Cottingham is athletic and all ways appears to be in attack mode.  If you fall for any of his many dribble moves and stand up on defense, it’s a layup at the rim.”

We were so impressed with his talent that last season that we selected Cottingham as Third Team All-Ohio and tabbed him for participation in the prestigious Ohio North vs South and Ohio vs Kentucky all-star games.  We also have Cottingham currently ranked among the top 10-15 eighth grade players in the state. From what we’ve seen of Cottingham’s contiued development, division I college coaches should plan to track his progress going forward.  We look forward to seeing Cottingham again at our March 4th elite showcase.

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