Tuesday, July 5, 2016

UA Next Combine Series-Bay Area Recap

Walker, Harris, Beasley, Askew & Clark
The 6th and final session of the UA Next Combine Series jumped off in the Bay Area, CA. on Friday and the talent level in the gym did not disappoint.  Unique to this session was the event’s connection to the Stephen Curry Camp and the fact the UA Next participants had an opportunity to observe some of the top high school players in the country go through skill sessions on their last day of the camp.  UA Next participants were also able to play in the same state of the art facility as the high school guys.  Needless to say, the rising freshman were inspired by what they saw.

In terms of the talent, no one performed better than Kyree Walker (6’4/PG/2020/Oakland, CA), who strengthened his case as the #1 player in the class of 2020 with his dominate play.  Walker did pretty much anything he wanted.  He’s an elite scorer at all three levels, but he’s also one of the best playmakers in his class.  Walker is also a match-up problem as he’s too big for most guards and he’s too skilled for bigger players.  In addition, Walker has excellent court vision and can deliver pinpoint passes to teammates for easy buckets.  That’s not all, Walker is an explosive athlete who plays above the rim, collects numerous rebounds and although he’s a guard, he’s an elite rim protector.  In addition, Walker is extremely confident and he’s more than wiling to let you know that he’s unguardable.  We were also really impressed with Jason Harris (6’7/WF/2020/Gilbert, AZ), who like Walker, arrived at the event with a big time reputation.  Also like Walker, Harris lived up to the hype as he displayed a developing perimeter game and the ability to consistently knock down 3 pointers. Harris already has high major length and still seems to have more room for growth.  Harris’ ball skills continue to improve, as he showed the ability to take guys off the bounce and score. Based on what we saw on Friday, Harris is a sure fire high major D-I prospect and should be drawing interest from college coaches now!

Burton, Scott, Hall, Washington & Cottrell
In terms of guards, Robby Beasley (6’1/PG/2020/Dublin, CA) was one of the best on Friday.  Beasley is a highly skilled PG who is equally equipped to score or create opportunities for others.  The dynamic floor general is quick, easily changes speed and direction, has an explosive first step and has a number of dribble moves he uses to break down his defender and get into the lane. Beasley also has an elite motor and is a lock down defender.  Moreover, he can hit the three ball, pull up off the bounce or hit you with a floater.  Beasley easily projects as a D-I prospect.  Although he started slow, by the second game, Devin Askew (6’0/PG/2020/Sacramento, CA) was hitting on all cylinders.  Askew had everything working including deep threes, pull up jumpers and drives to the basket.  Also, Askew showed an elite skill set and the ability to both score the ball and find open teammates.  Askew is crafty, he plays with good pace and changes speed and direction well.  We’ve seen him twice in the last couple of weeks and his growth, development and consistency are evident.  The fact he’s reclassifying to 2021 will only strengthen his growing national reputation. Askew should be playing college basketball in a few years.

Any discussion about skilled guys with upside potential has to include Hunter Clark (6’4/PG/2020/Morage, CA).  Clark impressed us with his elite skill set, non-stop motor and energy level.  Clark, the son of a college coach, does just about everything, including scoring at multiple levels and using his advanced vision and passing ability to get his teammates open looks.  Clark has great size for a young PG, is surprisingly athletic and clearly understands how to be effective from the point.  Clark is another division I prospect with continued growth and development.  We also saw some real good things out of Fred Burton (6’1/combo guard/2020/Sacramento, CA).  Burton has grown a bit since we last saw him and so has his game.  Burton is good at using his size to exploit smaller guards.  He might be physical and explosive, but Burton’s skill set is also a weapon.  Although Burton can score at an elite level, he’s also a hell of a playmaker as well.  We like Burton’s potential going forward.  Jalen Scott (5’11/PG/2020/Rodeo, CA) showed flashes of some good things.  Not only does Scott have the ball on a string and is proficient at creating space with his elite handle and craftiness, he is a catch and shoot threat and always seems to be making positive plays.   Keshawn Hall (5’10/PG/2020) caught our eye several times with his hawkish on-ball defense and high energy.  Hall handles the rock at a high level and he has a few dribble tricks he uses to create space.

Rogers, Rider, Gwananji, Rogers & Thomas
Tyrone Washington (5’9/PG/2021/Tempe, AZ) was one of the better guards at the event.  Washington has a solid handle, excels at driving and dishing, but can also create space for his own shot.  We also liked Washington’s ability to convert the step-back jumper if his defender plays him too closely.  He’s not going to blow by you with blazing speed, but he’s smart and crafty enough to get his game off.  We’ve seen Washington on a number of occasions and it’s clear he is continuing to develop.  Isaiah Cottrell (6’7/PF/C/2020/ Las Vegas, NV) has potential written all over him.  Cottrell is long, with long arms and big feet, suggesting he still has room to grow.  Although he more advanced defensively right now, as he puts on weight and adds strength to his frame, Cotrell’s stock will only rise.  We saw him erase several shots and finish a few plays at the rim.  Contrell upside potential could be significant. Tyrese Rogers (6’1/combo guard/2020/Phoenix, AZ) did a few nice things on Friday including knocking down treys and displaying solid ball skills. Dallas Rider (6’1/combo guard/2020) is always a threat from beyond the arc with his quick release and ability to shoot from deep.  In terms of players to watch, Jamir Thomas (5’8/combo guard/2020/Berkley, CA) fits that description. Thomas is small but scrappy and understands how to play the game.

Some of the other standout performers we saw included Isaiah Dwelle (6’0/combo guard/2020/Milpitas, CA), Anthony Rosier (6’0/PG/Anthem, AZ), Elijah Alonzo (6’0/combo guard/2020/Pleasanton, CA), Peter Gwananji (6’5/WF/2020/Sacramento, CA) and Trevor Rogers 6’2/PF/2020/Sunnyvale, CA).  With the conclusion of the Bay Area session, the inaugural year of the UA Next Combine Series is in the books.  Based on the feedback we have received through this season, Under Armour’s newest platform was an overwhelming success! Over the next couple of weeks decisions will be made relative to the players who will be selected to participate in the Elite 24 rising freshman game in New York and the rosters will be posted on the Buckeye Prep Website.


  1. Isaiah's name is spelled wrong. It's Cottrell. It's spelled with an N. And also minus a T in another area.