Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nike Summer Championship Day 2 Recap

Johnson, Walker, Nichols, Walker & Conley
We had the opportunity to spend the day on Saturday at the Nike Summer Championship in Reynoldsburg, OH.  Approximately 60 teams participated in the first-year event that represented a collaboration between the All-Ohio Program and TNBA.  Although the field was small I numbers, there were several talented teams and compelling match-ups. With a roster full of talent, Chris Anthony’s Ohio Bulldogs appeared to be the class of the 9th grade division. Marcus Johnson (6’2/WF/2020/Columbus) was his explosive self and excited the crowd with a powerful dunk.  Von Cameron Johnson (6’2/PF/2020/Columbus) was productive in the paint while CJ Anthony (6’1/P/SG/2020/Columbus) was on his game. Despite their close loss to the Louisville, Kentucky-based Go Hard In The Paint (GHITP), Marty Finta’s 2021 All-Ohio Red team looked good on Saturday. The addition of Detroit’s Keon Henderson gives the team more scoring and toughness at the point guard position.  In addition, Henderson’s motor and hawkish defense set the tone for All-Ohio.  Of course Brent Walker (6’5/C/2021/Huber Heights) was dominate, as he finished at a high rate around the basket and protected the rim from would be scorers.  Wil Sizer (6’2/PF/2021/Mt Orab) had a big day as well as he almost willed his team to victory over a tough Key Player team.  We also saw some good things out if Isaiah May (6’1/WF/2021/WV) who hit a pair of big treys in a loss to GHITP.  May has good length and a nice skill set which allows him to be a multi-level scorer.

GHITP had several studs including Sam Conley (6’1/WF/2021/KY), Chandler Strong (6’1/SG/2021/KY) and Selah Brown (6’1/C/2022/KY).  Both Conley and Strong are super skilled, while Brown is big and strong and able to finish at a high clip near the cup.  The fact he was so productive playing up a year suggests he’s worth tracking going forward. You can catch Conley and Strong in action when they return to Columbus on September 17th & 18th for the Ohio vs Kentucky All-Star Game. We got out first look at Ohio Crush (2024) and were very impressed with what we saw.  They only rolled with 6 players, but the starting five were as good as any 5th graders we’ve seen this season.  The Clutch is anchored in the paint by Jonas Nicholas (5’7/C/2023/Akron), who is big, strong and athletic. Surrounding Nichols are 4 guards who can all go. Jonathon Powell (5’1/SG/2024/Akron) seems to be the best of them, but Amaree Pickens (5’1/SG/2024/Erie, PA), Jalen Hightower (4’9/SG/2024/Copley) and Levelle Sharpe (5’1/SG/2024/Akron) are all very talented and make this team a tough out.  We were also really impressed with Chase Walker (5’10/C/2023/Columbus) who was all most unstoppable around the rim. Speaking of impressive, Coach Jeff Rike’s All-Ohio Blue (4th grad) squad is absolutely loaded with talent! Delamarr Blanton (5’2/SG/2024/Dayton) and Javon “Tank” Vaughn are the engine that makes this team go, but there are several other guys including Bryce Johnson (5’2/PF/2024/Dayton) and Mason Carpenter (4’7/PG/2024/Richmond, IN) who contribute and make this team tough to beat. There are also some good-looking Canadian teams playing in the event including Grassroots Canada.  Big Hunter Harding (5’10/C/2023/Toronto, CA) is a huge space eater and has potential written all over him, while Ryan Regault (5’0/SG/WF/2023/Toronto, CA) brings toughness to the table and Sean Blake (4’11/PG/2023/Toronto, CA) runs the show.

Davis, Sizer, Henderson, Regault & Vaughn
Below is a list of the standout performers we saw on Saturday. Marcus Johnson (6’2/WF/2020/Columbus), Von Cameron Davis (6’2’/PF/2020/Columbus), CJ Anthony (6’0/PG/2020/Columbus), Jordan Jackson (6’1/PG/2020/Loraine), Brent Walker (6’5/C/2021/Huber Heights), Wil Sizer (6’2/PF/2021/Mt. Orab), Keon Henderson (5’6/PG/2021/Detroit, MI), Isaiah May (6’1/WF/2021/WV), Chandler Strong (6’1/SG/2021/Louisville, KY), Sam Conley (6’1/WF/2021/Shelbyville, KY), Selah Brown (6’1/C/2020/Louisville, KY), Isaac Merchants (5’8/WF/2020/Toronto, CA), Ethan Hunte (5’7/PG/2022/Toronto, CA), Elijah Aedo-Castillo (5’9/W/PF/2022/Toronto, CA), Chase Walker (5’10/C/2023/Columbus), Jonas Nichols (5’7/C/2024/Akron), Jonathon Powell (5’1/SG/2024/Akron), Amaree Pickens (5’1/SG/2024/Erie, PA), Jalen Hightower (4’9/PGH/2024/Copley), Levelle Sharpe (5’1/SG/2024/Akron), Bryce Johnson (5’2/PF/Dayton), Mason Carpenter (4’7/PG/2024/Richmond, IN), Cannen Howser (5’1/SG/2024/Ft Wayne, IN), Hansen Haffner (4’11/PG/2024/Ft Wayne, IN), Hunter Harding (5’10/C/2023/Vaughn, CA), Delamarr Blanton (4’2/SG/2024/Dayton), Javon “Tank” Vaughn (PG/2024/Dayton), Sean Blank (4’11/PG/2023/Toronto, CA), Ryan Regault (5’10/SG/WF/2023/Toronto, CA), Jalen Simmons (2022), Clayton Thomas (2021), Brady Dingess (2022), Jordan Williams (2021), Christopher Snyder (2022) and Joshua Jones (2021).

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