Tuesday, September 1, 2015


According to my sources in the DMV area, there is a new player on the AAU scene.  Coach Mookie Dobbins and his Nationally Ranked 3rd and 7th grade teams have separated themselves from the Bmore’s Finest Brand, and have taken their talents to “Team Thrill.”  Earlier reports had Mookie and his teams merging with the MD Playmakers, however, reports that the NBA’s Will Barton was looking to start a program in his hometown resulted in a shift of plans. If you don’t know who Will Barton is, Will Barton is the shooting guard for the Denver Nuggets and a Baltimore native who is adamant about giving back to the place where he grew up.  Baltimore has not had a lot of bright spots over the last few months and we all know what I’m talking about, but Barton wants to change that and give kids hope, not just in basketball but in life. This is just the first step in his attempt to give back to the city that raised him.

Coach Dobbins will not be alone in this move, as Coach Woody Gunter will be joining him, and along with Gunter he will be bring the 2014/2015 4th Grade West Coast Champions. Gunter and his team were crowned West Coast Champs approximately  two hours before Dobbins 6th grade did the same.  We wish Coach Mookie and Gunther well in their new endeavors.  You can catch several of Team Thrill’s top players at the upcoming Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase on September 12th.

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