Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase All-Star Game Rosters

J. Riggins, A. Davis, Z. Davis, K. Martin, D. Scott, J. Toles, AJ Hoggard, S. Boguess, P. McMilliam
When an event has numerous elite players from around the country and a player makes an all-star team, that accomplishment becomes significant.  Such was the case at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase this past weekend where a handful players logged in great weekends and were awarded with coveted spots on an all-star squad. If making an all-star game at a Buckeye Prep Event is special, then being selected a MVP is truly the pinnacle. Below is a link to the all-star game rosters including players chosen as Top 5 Award winners and MVPs.


  1. I'm glad to see that the All Star list reflected the coaches input. Although I know that there were "plain" clothes scouts walking about at certain times, the coaches are who you selected to participate in the event and who you tasked with selecting their top performing kids. I didn't see a lot of stats being taking or I might say they were selective stats taken so you just hoped as a parent that your child had a coach that was fair and objective. I was very appreciative of my son's coach as he got it right with his top three selections. As a parent attending for the first time, I was quite impressed with how smoothly things ran. There are politics involved with all showcases, at least in my opinion, there is; however, it wasn't as rampant at this event as with the BBall Spotlight event in MD that cost more, was way more unorganized, and where politics ran rampant.

    There seemed to be a big issue with the fact that 2021 Caleb Furst didn't make the top 20 All Star game. Coaches were asked to select their top 3 players and his Coach had him listed as number 3 which put him in top 40. It is what it is! In the game I watched, the two players who were selected from his team ahead of him, one being Ryan Conway who is a top kid nationally, not sure who the other kid was, but both of their play from what I see warranted top billing over him. Just because he's 6'5 doesn't mean that he should've been automatically selected into the All Star game. It appears to lesson the blow they made him MVP of the top 40 which makes no sense because they had no MVP for the top 20 game. Overall, Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase stood up to all the hype. New stars were born and existing stars continued to excel because of the hype and media coverage that they were given. Rob, job well done!!

  2. Actually, there were 5 MVPs selected for the Top 20 game, I simply cal the "Top 5 Awards."

  3. Forgive me for saying this, but the high school top 60 selections and the "MVPs" were an absolute joke. There were players who didn't score a point, make an assist, or get a steal who were selected to the top 5. As a spectator, this really baffled me??
    Overall, the showcase was good to watch again this year.