Monday, December 8, 2014

Bradley and Tribble Under Appreciated

DeMarco Bradley Jr. & Greg Tribble Jr.
For several years now, All-Ohio Red (2019) has been one of the best teams in the country. Names often synonymous with that success have been guys like Jerimiah Francis, Jordan Mitchell and Chris'sen Stringer. Not often mentioned is the role that All-Oho's backup players perform.  DeMarco Bradley Jr. (5'5/PG/Cincinnati) and Greg Tribble Jr. (5'5/PG/Cincinnati) are a couple of those role players that are often overlooked and under appreciated.  The diminutive guard duo has enjoyed a great deal of success over the past several years, and as the backcourt for the now defunct All-Ohio Purple, Bradley and Tribble had their hands on the controls of one the elite teams in the class.

In September, Bradley's performance at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase did not go unnoticed by the media.  During the event, Bradley displayed toughness, quickness, a solid handle and the willingness to distribute the ball. In addition, he plays hard, rarely coughs of the rock and his on-ball defense is relentless. As a reward for his performance at the showcase, Bradley was selected to the Top 60 All-Star Game. As a backup, when inserted into games this past NYBL season, Bradley brought stability and helped All-Ohio Red maintain their signature defensive pressure. As a coach's son, Bradley is expected to make good decisions and to hold down the fort until that starters return, and he routinely gets that done. He may be a backup on his current squad, but Bradley has enough talent to be a starter on a number of other teams.

Many of the same attributes attributed to Bradley can be said about Greg Tribble Jr.  Much like Bradley, the undersized PG is super quick, has a superb handle, and can really bring the heat defensively. Tribble seems to attack the cup a little bit more than Bradley and is very adept at scoring the ball.  Tribble also can knock down the perimeter shot if left open. Tribble also logged in a standout performance at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase in September as evidenced by his Top 30 All-Star Game selection and top 20 ranking.  While playing against the best players at the event, Tribble excelled and proved he could compete against the best if given the opportunity. Also, Bradley and Tribble were both tabbed to participate in the NYBL Top 60 All-Star Game. With continued growth and development, both Bradley and Tribble have the potential to play college ball at some level.  It's way too early to predict high major D-I potential, but a solid basketball career is a reality for both Bradley and Tribble.  


  1. Yeah Fam Bam! Well deserved credit its hard to do what they dew! Play major back up roles to some of the best guys in the country! And could be starting on a top 10 team in the country. True team player Mentality! S/O to my Ohio Players from Coach Chris Harris Team Texas Elite 2019

  2. There are other teams local to Columbus that also have players that are under appreciated. For example the Ohio Hoopsters have Jeremiah Keene and Sean Marks. Along with Will Chatman and Gavin Baker.