Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aman Possess an Old School Game

Tariq Aman-2019 PG Texas
In an age where point guards are often more concerned with leading their team in scoring rather than distributing to teammates, true PGs seem to be a dying breed. Tariq Aman (5’8/PG/TX) is a throw back of sorts based on his pass first approach to the game.  This past September at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, Aman stood out from the pack with his vision and his willingness and ability to find open teammates. For his efforts, Aman was selected to the 2019 Top 60 All-Star game, and if that was not enough, Aman performed so well he was honored with a prestigious Top 5 Award, and was ranked among the top 40 in a very competitive 8th grade division.  In his evaluation of the young guard, Aman's showcase coach submitted the following evaluation: “High IQ, a great decision maker, handles, true PG and high productivity.”

As the starting floor general for Team Business (3-D Sports) Aman’s high IQ allows him to serve as a coach on the floor.  Head Coach Kevin Butler is one of Aman’s biggest fans, and offered the following assessment: "Tariq is a hard working young man who is very coachable and teachable.  He wants to get better and does things on his own to improve his game.  He's 100% self motivated and is like a sponge.  Tariq is a highly skilled point guard for his age group.  He has high school varsity level skills as an 8th grader.  His basketball IQ is off the charts and understands the game the right way.  He will help any coach win games,” Butler said.  Other key pieces to Aman’s Team Bizness squad include guards Maxwell Abmas and Byron Schoby, and big men Jaylen Thomas and Reuben Mupandasekwa.

Aman has been playing basketball since the 5th grade and the people most familiar with his game describe him as a hard worker who “wants to include his teammates and make them better.  "Team" is a word he takes to heart and believes that no one player makes the team; it's a collaborative effort.”  Moreover, those same observers have compared his game to NBA point guard, Kenny Anderson.  Some of the point guards Aman admires and studies are Pistol Pete Maravich, Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and, of course, Stephen Curry.  Aman’s father describes his game as a "cross between a Chris Paul and Tony Parker.  Both of these point guards like to involve their teammates and that is Tariq in a nutshell,” said the elder Aman.

Aman’s success has translated to middle school ball as well as evidenced by his MVP selection last season for his 7th grade team in the Carrollton Farmers Branch School District.  Additionally, this year, Aman is the starting PG for his undefeated Barbara Bush Middle School team in Irving, TX. In addition to the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, the Texas product has attended several elite camps (i.e., Lucas, Jr. Phenom etc) around the country where he has consistently excelled at a high level.  In fact, a perianal all-star at such events, Aman’s reputation both in Texas and nationally is growing. When his Team Bizness squad debuts in the National YouthBasketball League (NYBL) in March Aman will be offered the opportunity to compete against the best guards in the nation, and will be presented with the chance to further develop his game. He's not yet cracked national top 100 lists, but with continued development and exposure, it's only a matter of time until Aman is in those discussions!

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