Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kennedy's Stock on the Rise

Isaiah Kennedy
The old adage, "keep working hard, someone will notice you," can be attributed to the recent rise of Isaiah Kennedy (5'8 P/SG Beavercreek 2020).  Only 1 year ago Kennedy was balling in virtual obscurity in the Dayton, Ohio area, but 1 year later some media have him ranked  among the top 50 players in the country in the class of 2020 (Prolific Performance #46).  In Ohio, Kennedy is easily top 10 good. It's no accident, Kennedy has taken his talent on the road  and has logged in impressive performances in several elite events.  Not only did he lock down Top 5 Award honors at the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase last month, he put in work at the Future Phenom Camp in D.C. a few months ago, and has performed well in several local Nike events locally, and was a standout out at Quincy Simpson's Tier 1 Middle School Showcase last October.

Kennedy has a nice frame and good size for a PG, but because he is more of a scoring threat than a playmaker right now, Kennedy can slide to the 2 and still be productive. We've seen him have some success with his shot, but his claim to fame is his ability to use his size and strength to bully his way to the basket.  Most big guards struggle with their handle, but that's not a problem for Kennedy.  He does not necessarily have the rock on the string, but he is too strong to get ripped on a consistent basis. If he continues to grow and to hone his skill set, Kennedy could be a good looking guard prospect going forward.

You can catch Kennedy in action in the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) next year, as he will be running with the King James Shooting Stars, where he will be teamed with Grant Huffman (5'8 SG Aurora) and Devonte Blanton (5'9 WF Cleveland). With the added competition in the NYBL, Kennedy will have the opportunity to compete against the nations's best, which will only accelerate his development. 

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