Friday, October 17, 2014

Jackson Shines on the Big Stage

Hunter Jackson
Once you have an opportunity to perform on the big stage, you had better take advantage it. Hunter Jackson (5'9 WG Indiana 2020) did just that recently while participating in the NYBL All-Star Weekend and Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  Jackson's opportunity came during the waining minutes of the 2020 NYBL vs The Nation all-star game when he scored 6 points with under a minute left in the game to lift his team to a 37-34 victory (see highlight video).  Jackson's combination of skill, strength and aggressiveness was the difference in the win.  For the game, Jackson was the second leading scorer behind Donovan Billings (14 points) with 10 points.

Jackson has been on big stages before and has excelled.  In fact, most evaluators have him ranked in the top 20 nationally (Prolific Performance #15).  Jackson shoots well off the bounce, can employ a nice looking floater, has an elite handle, and uses his strength to finish at the cup with contact.  He's not just a scorer, as evidenced in the above video. Jackson is a problem defensively, as his on-baIl pressure is intense. Bottom line, Jackson is tough as nails! In the showcase portion of the event Jackson played up in the 8th grade division and was still one of the better players on his squad. As a member of George Hill, Jackson has earned his rep ballin against the best teams in the country.  If his performance in Columbus last month proved anything,  it's that Jackson has a bright future if he continues to work hard and develop.

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  1. Good job so far, time for you to step up and play your age group. Thanks to AAU for making sure the standard of education / honesty are upheld (AAU age rules 2015). Good luck in the future Mr. Jackson.