Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tier 1 Middle School Showcase Recap

Caleb McConnell, Justin Phillips II & Antwan Johnson
For the second year, Quincy Simpson and his staff hosted the Tier 1 Middle School Showcase at Lima Central Catholic High School in Lima on Sunday. This year, the 1-day event attracted approximately 190 players, and like year one, the event featured a number of young talented players. One of the best players I saw all day was Caleb McConnell (6’0 WF Dayton 2018), a long, highly skilled wing who can score at all three levels. McConnell can not only shoot from deep, he has a nice little midrange game and can get to the cup and finish. Phillips is super smooth, athletic, and is a great looking prospect with loads of potential. Darius Quisenberry (5’8 PG Springfield 2018) continues to develop as one of the top floor generals in the state.  Every time I see him play he seems to have gotten better. His play at this event reflected his continued progress.

I also really liked Justin Phillips II (5’9 PG Charleston, WVA 2018). Phillips is a strong lead guard who plays with poise, does a great job of finding open teammates and can hit the jumper if left open. Phillips has a high basketball IQ, makes few mistakes and does a god job of distributing the rock. Phillips also pushes the ball in transition and he has a nice little floater he can go to for a bucket. Antwuan Johnson (6”0 WG Dayton 2018), was a horse all day, as he bullied his way to the basket consistently. Johnson continues to develop perimeter skills and is more than able at handling the rock and scoring from the wing. I also plan to keep an eye on CJ Robinson (5’10 WG Toledo 2018) who has good length, athleticism and good upside potential.  Robinson is another long-term prospect worth watching.

Isaiah Kennedy, Da'san Clair & Montorie Foster
Montorie Foster (5’3 WG Cleveland 2019) was lighting it up from beyond the arc all day.  Foster has a great stroke and showed that he can consistently knock down the 3-ball. I did not get a chance to see him play, but word has it that Toledo’s Zeb Jackson (5’2 PG Toledo 2020) was ballin, despite playing up in the 7th grade division. I did not see a lot of him, but what I did see of Da’san Clair (5’5 PG Lima 2020) I liked! Clair is another well built guard who can score the ball. Isaiah Kennedy (5’5 PG Dayton 2020) had another nice outing. With good size for his position, Kennedy over powers most guards on his way to the cup.

As was the case last year, the event featured some really talented young guys. One such player was Sean Jones (4’9 PG Columbus 2022) who continues to impress this evaluator with his advanced skill set and mature game.  Jones has the ball on a string and he has a host of dribble moves that makes it almost impossible to stay in front of him. Jones is also good at creating his own shot and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. It’s not all about beating his man off the bounce, as Jones can also get to the cup with regularity and can shoot the trey as well. I have seen Jones play on several occasions now and I absolutely love this kid’s game!
Sean Jones, Cameron Miles and John Mobley Jr.
He may be small, but Khail Luster (4’1 PG Lima 2020) gets it done at the point. Luster is quick, can really handle the rock and is always in attack mode while probing the defense for a lane to the basket. John Mobley Jr. (4’6 PG Reynoldsburg 2024) is only a second grader, but you would not know it from watching his game. This dynamic little PG has a big game and is unafraid to battle with kids 3-4 years older than him.  Because he is so highly skilled and confident, Mobley is very effective running the point and scoring in traffic. Much like his All-Ohio teammate Jones, Mobley can create his own offense. This kid has a very bright future with continued growth and development.

Other players to watch include: Devon Baker (5’10 WG Dayton 2018) Darron Taborn (5’5 PG 2020), Kayvon Sanders (5’9 WG 2018), Elijah Kimmons (5’2 WG Springfield 2020), Shane Jacobs (5’8 WG Toledo 2018), RaShad Craig (5’0 WG 2020), Jhaiden Wilson (4’8 WG 2021), Anthony Milner (4’1 PG Columbus 2021), Jadakis Mack (5’2 WG Lima 2020) and Dominique Cole (6’0 C Toledo 2020). There were a number of other standout performers, many of who are pictured below. All-in all, the Tier 1 Middle School Showcase was a competitive and well run event.


  1. Anthony Millner and Sean Jones were the two best. Anthony's picture should be among the 5th graders. its an injustice to not feature him after his performance

  2. Yeah.....to the poster above If Anthony was the kid with the flat top that was stroking 3's from nba range then yes he should be featured.

  3. Milner is pictured among the "Top Performers."

    1. I see.....sorry, this is his big cuz...lol I was looking for it. Thanks!

  4. From an unbiased observer of sean and anthony, they were def #1 and #2. Millner can shoot and can handle for a tall pg, but sean is unreal and stole the show.

  5. the Phillips kid who I think was #160 looked really impressive out there. Very Talented

  6. Yeah, Justin Phillips II looked great.

  7. On the attached Google doc with the pictures, "Unknown" is Devan Rogers - 8th grade OBC Dayton

  8. Donavin Wallace was a impressive guard, with really good defense don't sleep on him.

  9. That Elijah Kimmons kid out of Springfield Holland is now a high flyer now! Very impressed with this kids growth. He is now a 8th grader at about 6'2 but has guard skills and plays above the rim...Keep your eyes on him!!

  10. Would love to see him at my March 12th elite showcase! Email me at taylorobe@aol.com for an invitation.

  11. I will let his dad know. High Schools all over him in Toledo. Rumor has it he maybe headed to St. Johns but hope he comes to TCC.