Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase-Recap

A sure sign that the AAU season is right around the corner is the tip off of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase. On Saturday, approximately two hundred and seventy 2nd-12th graders gathered at Central Crossing High School in suburban Columbus, Ohio to participate in the annual event. As is the case every year, the players rolled in from all over the county, including Canada, Baltimore, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

For the first time ever, the event included a 2nd-5th grade division which numbered about 80 kids.  In terms of the format, the showcase kicked off with a skills and drills warm-up session in the morning, followed by a presentation by former Ohio State standout Lawrence Funderburke. After that, the regular showcase games jumped off, and the 1-day event culminated in all-star games in each of the 5 divisions.

Strom Cook, Seth Goodson & Isaiah Cummings

The Buckeye Prep Elite Showcases are well known for attracting talent, and this past weekend was no exception. Besides the players who would eventually go on to make all-star teams and who were obviously standout performers, some of the other standouts I saw included: Isaiah Cummings (6’2 PG Ontario, CN 2015), Storm Cook (5’10 PG Sidney 2017), Ryan Peaks (5’9 PG Columbus 2017) Seth Goodson (5’10 P/SG Gahanna 2018), Garrett Tipton (6’2 WR Teays Valley 2018), Logan Jones (6’6 C Mansfield 2018), Chance Barnett (6’0 WF Clear Fork 2018), Colin Woodside (6’4 C Lancaster 2018), Cameron Carlsise (5’11 SG Gahanna 2018), Tanner Holden (6’1 WF Wheelersburg, OH 2019), Korbin Spencer ( 5’10 PG Sandy Hook, KY 2019),  Ratez Roberts (5’11 PF Sidney2019), Teon Jennings (5’11 PF Columbus 2018), Caden Sanchez (6’7 C Columbus 2017), Deshon Parker (5’8 PG Dayton 2018), Antwun Johnson (5’10 WF Dayton 2018), Charlie Large (5'10 WF Hanging Rock, OH 2017) and Devon Baker (5’11 SG Dayton (2018)

Shawn Jones,, Derrick James & Zahree Harrison

As noted earlier, the showcase provided an opportunity to evaluate some very young players and they did not disappoint. Some of the young talent I intend to keep an eye on going forward include: Montez McNeil (6’2 C Baltimore 2020), Travonne Jackson (5’2 PG Columbus 2020), Kole Whitley (4’11 PG Sandy Hook, KY 2020), Zahree Harrison (5’0 PG Philadelphia 2020), Justin Powell (5’8 SG Louisville, KY 2020), Chris Scott (5’9 WF Huber Heights 2020), Ryan Kern (6’1 C Vincent, OH 2020), Jake Younkin (5’2 PG Loveland 2020), Shawn Jones (4’9 PG Dayton 2020), Derrick James (4’9 PG Canal Winchester 2021), Magnus Entenmann (5’6 PF Upper Arlington 2021), Cameron Smith (5’8 P/SG Dayton 2021), Jayden Ballard (5’5 WF Massillon (2021), Roman Newsome (4’10 SG Xenia 2021), Noah Peoples (5’6 C Akron 2021),  Noah Rittinger (5’2 PG Charleston WVA 2021), Christian Winborne (5’0 P/SG Baltimore, MD),  Jayden White-Hawkins (5’2 PG Columbus 2021), Garner Wallace (SG/WF Dayton 2021), Daaron Brown (5’3 PG Columbus 2021), Jaden Hameed (5'5 P/SG Northfield, OH 2021) and Sarmartine Bogues (4’4 PG Baltimore 2023).


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  2. When will the top twenty be put up for each grade.

  3. I think they need to start bringing id cause some kids are coming in playing under to make sure they rank I seen alot of it in 6 7 9 bad thats just unfair.

    1. The problem is a lot of kids have been held back to try and gain an edge so their not in the right grade not saying that it makes a different with their skill but when you see players that should be in the 8th grade and 14 playing with a 7th grade team is sad, but that is the rules of AAU.

  4. How do you know a lot of kids are playing "under"? Do you know them personally or are you basing this on the "looks" test. I know for a fact the three biggest 6th graders at this showcase are legit. My son is one of them. He's 6'1", 12 yrs old in the 6th grade. I always carry his birth certificate and latest report card with me to all tournaments.

  5. Compulsory (required by law) school age in Ohio is 6 yrs old. Depending on the district, a child must be 6 by August 1st or September 30th, to start school. In those districts with the August 1st cut off date, it is possible for a child to be 7 yrs old when school actually starts, depending on their birthdate, which means they could be 14 in the 7th grade. Kindergarten is mandatory in Ohio. Everybody has the option to send their child to school at age 5 or age 6 per Ohio law.

  6. so, if you have a son that is born on aug 1 he has to play on what team?