Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase Rankings

Omari Spellman (2015) Had Another Great Camp

The 2013 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase was the biggest and most competitive event to date, as over 400 elite 6th-12th graders converged on Central Crossing High School in suburban Columbus, Ohio intent on showcasing their talent to scouting services and college coaches. Not only did the players hail from several areas of the country, the event attracted international talent with the participation of a Canadian all-star team. Day one of the event featured a series of all-star games including interstate and international rivalry match-ups between Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Canada. Also included in the Saturday games were intrastate battles between northern and southern Ohio in grades 9th-12th.

Derek Funderburk (2016) Shined

Saturday’s lineup also included 2 National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) all-star games featuring the top 40 players from the inaugural season of the elite league. Additionally, a couple of unique features of the showcase included a 2 hour recruiting seminar put on by Deon Johnson on Saturday, and a Sunday presentation by the NCAA’s Jeremy McCool. Both segments provided parents, coaches and players with invaluable information designed to assist them in obtaining their goals of a college scholarship. Early Saturday evening the showcase games tipped off and the level of competition remained high. The showcase resumed on Sunday morning and culminated in final all-star games in each of the 5 divisions late Sunday afternoon.
Coulter Dotson (2018) Was Impressive

Because the many standout performances during the weekend have been well documented by the numerous scouting services that attended the event, we will conclude our event coverage with are final showcase rankings. Below is a link to those rankings.  In terms of our approach, the rankings were compiled using the team evaluation/ranking sheets which were completed by the player’s respective coaches. Basically players ranked either 1st or 2nd on their teams were ranked in the top 20, while players ranked 3rd or 4th were ranked in the top 40.  There were a few exceptions depending on the number of teams in a division, and where there were fewer teams in a division,  some 3rd ranked players made the top 20 and some 5th ranked players cracked the top 40.

Zion Harmon (2021) Made Some Noise

In addition to the top 20 and top 40 rankings, coaches were asked to select players for specialty awards such as “Top Prospect,” “Most Skilled,” “Best Defender,” and other attributes. Our system is not fail proof, but for the most part, the system accurately identified most of the players who performed well over the weekend. Finally, in order to better define the top players, the names highlighted in red denotes top 10 performers. Again, these rankings are based on the team rankings as seen by the coaches. In closing, congratulations to all of the players that appear in the rankings; with so much talent in the gym, to be singled out in these rankings is a huge accomplishment. See you at our fall showcase on March 2, 2014!


  1. This stuff bogus man. How many of them so-called ranked top 20 6th graders ever scored 52 points in a game??? Hmm???

  2. The Dotson kid from KY is tough. I think he is a name to remember

  3. This is coach Jackson I agree the Dotson kid is the truth! He had a great weekend.

  4. Justin smith should be ranked the kid has game rob needs to watch some of the lower teams and see how they play he they were playing aor he would be in there with out a doubt stupid ass

  5. very impressed with the professional and organization of the showcase..i can see a bright future for the buckeye showcase...see you next year...your indiana friends

  6. The 2019 class will be on the same level of the 1981 that class you had micheal jordan ,charles barkley,karl malone,patrick ewing and many of the coaches at the showcase was a part of that class...dexter shouse sure he would agree

  7. The class of 2018 list was interesting, but the Hampton kid was def top 40. I have seen him really go at some kids on that list and shut them down on the other end. Somehow he was missed.

  8. Have any of you guys heard of a kid named Caleb Scott ?? He goes to Bellbrook middle school Do you know what Aau team he plays for.