Friday, September 27, 2013

All-Star Game Rosters and Pictures Released

8th Grade West All-Stars

As is the case with just about every showcase or camp, all-star game appearances are coveted and something to be proud of. Although the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase attracted over 400 players from across the country and Canada, most of whom were very talented, only a small few them played their way into the final all-star games on Sunday. Fewer still were selected as Top 5 Award winners. Below are links to the all-star game rosters, as well as team photos and Top 5 Award winners. Congratulations to all of the players for achieving this honor!

Team Pictures & Top 5 Award Winners

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  1. Good stuff . Great showing by a lot of the kids. Adding in the KY, and IN kids sure made it a nice event. Rob is it time to update your rankings ? Its been a while since you have looked at 2018 top 100. Thanks