Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OBBL Debuts in Cincinnati

The first session of the Ohio Best Basketball League (OBBL) tipped off this past weekend in Cincinnati, and from what I hear, the competition was fantastic! The league is comprised of 28 teams and 3 divisions in grades 9-11th. U17 teams include: Columbus Kings, Hidden Gems Black, Hidden Gems Orange, OBC, OBC Blanks, Ohio Gators, Ohio Phenoms, Ohio Stampede, Ohio Varsity Blue, Ohio Varsity White & Team Nitro USA 2014. U16 teams include: Columbus Kings, Hidden Gems Black, Hidden gems Orange, OBC, Nova Village, Ohio Gators, Ohio Hoopsters, Ohio Legacy, Ohio Varsity Blue, Ohio Varsity White, U15 teams are: Hidden Gems Black, Hidden Gems Orange, OBC, OBC 2017, Ohio Gators and Ohio Varsity. Below is a scouting report highlighting a few standout performers.

“The first session of the OBBL was simply amazing. The level of competition and passion involved in literally almost every game played was exactly the goal intended for this league, and all signs point to an astounding success in the goal's accomplishment. Here are some "Hidden Gems" from the weekend:  

U17 Division:

* Geoff Beans - Hidden Gems Black - This kid has a better all around game than advertised and his ability to make shots is just as good as advertised. The 6'7, D1 prospect played some quality ball this weekend.
* Anthony Glover - Hidden Gems Black -  A smooth wing guard who is capable of initiating the offense as well. Athletic and smart on the court, this prospect shows flashes of D1 potential.
Mario Davison - Hidden Gems Orange - "Muscles" is a point guard who possesses that certain 5th gear that all guards do not have in their game. Underrated guard who should climb the rankings this AAU season.
* Teddy Metzen - Ohio Varsity White - Deceptively strong and athletic kid who gets a lot done in the trenches and has obviously been well coached. Colleges should take notice.
* Connor Kern - Columbus Kings - Shooter didn’t disappoint at all in that area and even showed some flashes of a more diverse game than previously noted.
* Andre Kizer - Ohio Gators - Scored at will most of the weekend and led his team to a great initial showing.
* Justin Blanks - OBC Blanks - Shot the ball very well from deep most of the weekend.
* Michael Kaminski - Ohio Stampede - Hit 19 3's over the weekend.......nuff said about his shooting.
* Tyler Primmer - Nitro USA - Hard working scrappy player who can get hot at times.
* Trey Miller - Nitro USA - Shooter can really fill it up when hot.

U16 Division

* Doug Taylor - Ohio Varsity White - Athletic post player with immense potential. Must get more consistent........if he does, it'll be scary.
* Khalil Iverson - Elite Basketball Club - This combination forward is a matchup nightmare for most teams. Strength and athleticism by the bunches. If his skill set improves, he's a great 3man.
* Nic Bapst - Hidden Gems Black - Wing guard who showed some new-found bounce in his step with a few highlight worthy dunking moments, as well as quality guard play.
* Tristin Tillman - Hidden Gems Orange - One of the highest IQ guards of any age group. An underrated guard who should become more and more known this season.
* Kyran McClure - Nova Village - My choice for #1 PG in Central Ohio in his Class. A heady guard who plays with poise and yet also with determination too.
* Rodney Willis - Columbus Kings - scored an insane amount of points in one half and showed great scoring ability all weekend.
* Alex Sparks - Ohio Varsity Blue - Got alot of things done over the weekend for his team.
* Alonzo Campbell - Columbus Kings - D1 frame with needs in the areas of strength and skillset.   
* Anthony Slappy - Ohio Varsity Blue - Athletic sleeper who plays hard.
* Jenisys Battle - Ohio Legacy - Stepped up to lead underrated group in quality competition.
* Ni'Quille Bell - Ohio Legacy - Unheard of player before today to many. Should change that by July.

U15 Division:
* Austin Armwood - Ohio Varsity White - Penetration and vision in abundance. Guard can also score when needed. Fairly complete game so far.
* Allen Roberts - Ohio Varsity White -  Lit up several teams over the weekend.
* Kam Miller - Hidden Gems Black - All around talent with a very high ceiling of potential. 
Max Huber - Hidden Gems Orange - Shooter is also an athletic player who consistently competes. 
* Mason Durden - Ohio Gators - Displayed some potential.”


  1. I can't believe they mentioned no one from OBC 16U who went undefeated for the weekend.

  2. I cant believe that they did not mention OV White VS OBC 16U double OT game it was great.

  3. On the TDP site there is no mention of OV White or Blue 16U teams. They split there teams up for the league and both teams did well, so imagine if they just made one strong team

  4. You are forreal sleeping on Johnny Wordlaw for Ohio Varsity (00) he kill every single game he played ...he was leading team ...so look at the kid Rob..kid is a monster

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