Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Murphy AC Runs Table at Solan Cage Classic

Murphy AC-7th Grade Champions

Kevin Jackson’s 6th & 7th grade Murphy AC squads both finished 7-0 on their way to championships of the Solon Cage Classic in Cleveland. Approximately 27-30 teams competed in the 3 middle school divisions, and the sites included Garfield Heights High and Middle Schools, Streetsboro and Independence High School.

In pool play, the 7th grade unit downed Mr. Basketball (69-20), DB Hoops (56-26), and Mrie Swag (62-28).  Once in bracket play, Murphy defeated Rise High (20-56), Pittsburgh Flight (55-13), King James (60-64) and Caveman-Carmody (66-65) in the championship game by 2 points on a buzzer beater. Tyler Golphin was named MVP, while Jerry Higgins, Yeal Hill and Tyree Harris all made the All-Tournament Team. Word has it the King James’ Jordan Coovert was an absolute stud the entire weekend.

Murphy AC-6th Grade Champions

Murphy’s 6th grade team had similar success, finishing 7-0 on their trek to the title. The younger team defeated TNBA West (31-22), Western PA Wildcats (34-29), BSA (45-9), Cleveland Heights Tigers (21-45), Truth Basketball (46-25), Ohio Hoopsters (47-37) and the Pittsburgh Storm (46-31). Alfonse Hale was selected as the MVP, and Tevin Jackson, Justin Smith and Josiah Hitchens made the All-Tournament Team. Congratulations to both teams!


  1. I love hearing about my son Tevin Jackson and his teammates when I check out buckeyeprep blogs way to go Murphy AC

  2. Got to see the 7th grade championship at Solon and it was a great game. Both teams were well coached and competed hard. AC Murphy's depth is impressive, not much of a drop off when they go to bench. The Caveman team was not as deep and one of their bigs cramped up and missed a good part of 2nd half. Higgins and Rice played like they always do-which is to say well, harris was solid (hit game winner) and golphin hit some big 3's to get murphy going. As I said also impressed with the players on caveman #13 real strong point guard terrific handle, #22 big who cramped was tough on boards and good mid range #23 terrific shooter hit 3 3's in a row in second half (sorry don't know names)---PWilson

  3. Great job Murphy AC 7th grade team,but Murphy AC 6th grade team way to represent the NYBL.I know you guys would come around.Coach Jackson great job,keep coaching them boys up.

  4. Hey Rob I was up at the salon cage classic the competition was very weak and I think you should reevaluate the top 7th grade teams in Ohio because king James shooting stars and some other teams are not in the top ten anymore . Its some up and coming teams thts been making some noise these past few weeks

    1. What are the names of the teams you are referring to? I've watched a lot of 7th grade basketball this spring and I feel pretty comfortable with my list. I would suggest to the coaches of the teams you are referring to to get in more of the major tournaments where they can be seen playing agianst the better teams.


  6. Who were the winners of the other grades??

  7. OBC? Nothing against All Ohio Red 6 grade,but OBC lost against them. Name the so call teams that should be ranked. If there notplaying in the King James tournament next week I don't want to hear it. that's where all the big boys will be playing, if they're not in it there's only one reason because they now competition will be too high. I don't want to hear it they didn't get into the tournament because it was sold out this is the biggest tournament in the Midwest which draws teams from West Coast to East Coast and you're in the state of Ohio your own backyard teams and your club can'tmake that trip. that's the closest you're going to get to national competition next to the MIT in washington D.C if you're notgoing going AAU nationals!!!!

  8. That justin smith kid is something else , he shouldnt be playing with Ac murphy , i know he works on his game alot , but jacksons 6th grade consist of point guards , hes tall thats why hes their , he needs to leave .

  9. Hmm. I thought this article has got something to do with ac cages. Turns out it's about sports. Err.
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