Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NYBL Session #1 Top Performers

Gerard Reynolds-Session 1 MVP

Earlier this month 24 of the nation’s top 6th grade teams made the trek to Washington DC to participate in the first session of the NYBL. Not only were there a number of very talented teams, as you would expect, those teams are loaded with individual talent. As is the case in any elite level event, there were a few kids who performed on a consistently high level, and who deserve to be singled out for special recognition.

In addition to the competition, the NYBL seeks to provide a high level of exposure for teams and their players. To this end, in each of the 3 sessions, the league will be publishing a list of the top performers for the weekend. The league used a 4 prong approach to developing the list. First, the coaches in the league were asked to identify the top players they saw during their games against opposing teams. In addition, the coaches were asked to submit the names of their own top players. Moreover, league commissioners reviewed data obtained from the score/stat sheets, and finally, league commissioners relied on their own firsthand observations as they watched games. As you might imagine, there was some conflicting information between the various sources; however, at the end of the day, every effort was made to create an accurate, credible and unbiased list.

Forty kids were ultimately selected for inclusion on the list. For ranking purposes, the list is divided among 4 “All-Session Teams,” and “Honorable Mention.” In general, teams that finished 5-0 placed 3 kids on the list; 4-1 teams placed at least 2 kids; and every team had at least 1 representative.

As an added benefit to league participation, the NYBL will feature a “NBA-styled” all-star game the weekend of September 21st in Columbus, Ohio. In terms of the format, the top 20 players from the league will be selected to participate in the “Top 20 Game,” while the next 20 players will play in the “Top 40 Game.” Because the all-star games will be in conjunction with the fall session of the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, the NYBL all-stars will have the opportunity to participate in that event as well. The 2 NYBL all-star games will be part of a slate of games on Saturday which includes “Ohio North vs South” and “Ohio vs Michigan” games. Selection to the NYBL All-Star games will be based partly on the session by session top- performer lists. Finally, participation in the event will afford players a great deal of exposure, as many of the country’s top middle school scouting services and national camp directors will be on hand evaluating players. Below is a link to our list of performers for session #1, as well as video footage from session one.

NYBL Session #1 Top Performers

Session #1 Videos:

Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4


  1. Is it me or did Arizona Monsoon peeps were the only ones with a video camera. Shot out to Arizona and the camera guy!

  2. Big boy put in WORK! We say everything bigger in TEXAS but Gerald has to have a water supply. No but he played like a grown mann. If you didn't make contact with him he made it with you. Solid MVP