Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inaugural Season of NYBL Tipped Off on Friday

In the opening session of the NYBL, a couple of West Division teams flexed their muscles early. On Friday, Mark Brown’s 4th ranked Arizona Monsoon got off to a good start with a 67-52 win over 8th ranked Each 1 Teach One (E1T1).  According to Brown, the game was “very competitive,” and despite E1T1’s length, they were able to defend well, and to hold on to a second half lead.  Masoon’s next game is at 12:00 against Ohio’s Murphy AC. Standouts of Masoon included Dylan Dipena and Trent Brown.

The second game of the night pitted Maryland’s ETU Select against Texas’ Deron Williams Elite. Deron Williams raced out to a 22-2 lead, and despite the fact that ETU would later cut the lead to 8 points by the 3rd quarter, D. Will. held on to claim a convincing 56-36 win over one of the top teams in the northeast. When asked about his team’s early deficit, ETU Coach Andrew Brelsford indicated that he started the game without 3 starters, 1 of which never showed up for the game. Standouts for ETU Select included Terrance Williams and Josh Wyatts. According to Coach Josh Woodson, the early run as all about pressure and a balanced attack. “We hustled on defense and tried to run,” added Woodson. The standouts for Deron Williams included Reece Maxey, Chris Harris and Bryce Okpoh. Next up for Deron Williams is 6th Man Warriors at 1:20pm.

Some of Saturday’s key matchups include Team Izod/Sports U vs Carolina PREPS, Arkansas Soldierz vs Ohio Select and 6th Man Warriors vs Future Phenoms. Stay tuned for Saturday updates.


  1. this is coach Jackson just getting home from the first session of the NYBL. I just wanted to let all the other grassroots bsketball fans out there know that as advertised this league is the real deal with some of the best talent in the country. my team went 2-3 on the weekend against some of best talent from the west coast. I would have loved to done better but the truth is we got to get better to hang with these teams!!! I would also like to say AOR was clearly the best team there sweeping the west coast teams! I am very impressed with the players coaches and fans they get it in! hats off to you AOR.

    1. Coach Jackson thanks for the comment and support. You will get your team on the right track. Keep up the good work.

  2. Coach Jackson I couldnt agree with you more about the Nybl league. It is the real deal, and loaded with talent. Aor had a great looking team and will be a top 5 team in the Nation. Keeping in prospective Carolina Preps, Georgia Stampede, Deron Williams Elite also show that they are top talent and any given day any of these teams can beat each other.

    Fyi Aor vs D Will 58-48. Close game all the way through.

  3. Great job coach Jackson! You have done great things for Ohio and Cleveland!

  4. I agree with you coach Jackson,AOR was the best team I watch. AOR has all the tools too win a NATIONAL TITLE CHAMPIONSHIP. In my OPINION the top 10 teams in the NYBL are:1)AOR,2)Carolina Prep.,3)Deron Williams,4)Arizona Monsoon,5)Metrolina Havoc,6)South Carolina Hornets,7)Carolina Chaos,8)Georgia Stampede,9)6th Man Warriors,10)Team Izod.Mr Anonymous A WIN IS A WIN,who cares what the score was.I just watch AOR for the first time and there is no hype in that team,they can really play.The coach for AOR does a excellent job with them.

  5. Mr Taylor this is not like you. What happen in the NYBL Saturday and Sunday? I'm very excited to read what took place down in Maryland? What did AOR do? I see Carolina Prep.,AOR,and Carolina Chaos are 5 and 0. Do any of these teams have a chance of beating AOR? Come on Mr Taylor the people in Ohio are waiting too read a update on the NYBL.

  6. I was only able to see the east and west mostly.
    However I did see some of the south and north.

    In my opinion
    3.Deron Williams
    4.Metrolina Havoc
    5.Carolina Chaos
    6.Georgia Stampede
    7.SC Hornets
    8.Arizona Monsoon
    9. 6th Man Warriors
    10. Team IZod

    Granted the South has some teams that are 5-0
    the North division is clearly "the weakest link"
    Not to take away from any south team. Just stating the facts!

    1. The South is the strongest division clearly.I hope the East play the South next session,we will see how good the DREAM TEAM is AKA AOR.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend of NYBL basketball. Too bad the Indiana teams such as G3 Hoosiers(formerly the Indy Hoosiers last years AAU National Champion), RAW Hoops and Jeff Teague All-Stars. These team are clearly are part of top teams nationally. AOR played all of these in the Indy Gardens Gold Medal Invitational last weekend and won every game.
    AOR is clearly the best in the nation at this time beating last year defending AAU champion twice in the same tournament.
    Continue success to AOR the rest of the season