Monday, August 13, 2012

Central Ohio Open Gym Returns

Week #1 Group Picture

I stopped by Victor Dandrige's open gym for about an hour yesterday, and as usual, there was a gym full of ballers working hard preparing for the upcoming school season. The weekly event is still being held at the USA Sports Academy and will continue to host many of the top varsity level players in central Ohio and beyond. Although it was only the first week of the annual event, about 60 players were in the house.  What's nice about the event is the fact that the top high school guys get a chance to compete against college-bound and current college level players. On Sunday, kids like Stevie Taylor (OU), Devon Scott (Dayton) and Jalon Robinson (Dayton) gave the younger guys somebody to go at in an effort to hone their skill and make a little name for themselves.

Trey Miller, Jalen Tucker, Shamar Waugh, Seth Towns & Wendall Davis

Yesterday, the best team in the gym went 5-0, and was made up of Shamar Waugh (Northland), Trey Miller (New Albany), Wendell Davis (Reynoldsburgh), Jalen Tucker (Northland) and Seth Towns (Northland). While some teams relaxed on defense, was content on going 1 on 5 with limited passing, this team used fundamentals, team work and execution to get the job down. Of course Davis almost always shines at events like this and Seth Towns has emerged as one of the top freshmen in his class, but guys like Shamar Waugh ran the point efficiently and Trey Miller shot the cover off the ball both off the bounce and catch and shoot, mostly off of curl cuts and down screens.  Some of the other kids who caught my eye included Nate Axalrod (soph-Dublin Coffman), Randall Clarkson Jr. (Sr.-Brookhaven) and Elijah Macon (Prep School). Oh yea, Ty Kish was in the, we may be treated to a highlight tape!!

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