Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NCAA Considering Plan to Allow Coaches to Contact 8th Graders

Below is a link to a story on CBSsports.com that talks about potential NCAA rule changes that will once again allow college coaches to formally contact kids while they are in the 8th grade.  What's most important in the article is why the NCAA is looking to allow this early contact when they have legislated against the practice for years.

Because of the higher NCAA qualification standards, college coaches are "panicking" about their ability to find enough qualified students to fill their rosters.  By reaching out to players at an early age, college coaches hope to educate young prospects about the standards, and the need for them to take their education seriously. This is another warning to young players, parents and coaches that any desire to play D-I basketball must be matched by a desire for good grades.  Please help me take the message from this website to the homes and gyms across the state!

CBS Sports Story

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  1. Again, not minimizing the chance to play D-1 basketball for four or fewer years, I personally do not see how raising the academic standards is not a positive thing in the long run. Countless studies show the direct correlation between higher education and positive societal effects (e.g. lower crime rates, lower out of wedlock birth rates, higher income potential, more active in community service, etc.) IF this NCAA change results in the intended consequence - higher academic achievement - then it's a huge win for society as a whole. Parents and coaches who truly have the best interest of the kids in mind, should embrace this and I hope that they do.